Saturday, August 11, 2012

Stack Rundown, 08/11/2012

Weird week for the stack run down, as there were no other actual DC titles I read this week (other than Suicide Squad, which I talked about yesterday) but who cares, still a lot of stuff I liked.

Artifacts #20

This was the first issue I read this Wednesday. It focused on a new post Artifacts character, Rachel Harrison, who is in the possession of the heart stone. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to think about her. She did end up killing the serial killer she saved last issue, then transferred to a new (haunted) hospital. Generally I'm just interested in what her expanded role is going to be. The heart stone wasn't something I exactly got my head wrapped around during the first 13 issues, so I'm looking forward to where this goes. If there was one thing I didn't exactly like about this issue is that I'm so into this shared universe (and I'm into it BIG TIME), isolating this arc into just this new character more or less by herself seems like a momentum halt. It's sort of a catch 22, I want some character development and get to know this new character, but at the same time... more shared universe stuff!

American Vampire: Lord of Nightmares #3

The middle issue of the American Vampire summer mini series features some more awesome art by Dustin Nguyen, which is a huge draw to me (but I would read the series regardless) so I of course liked this issue. I honestly need to reread it a bit, because I got lost on some of Linden's dialogue, as i was distracted reading it, but if I have to say one thing concerns me, it's the pacing. Only two issues left, and I'm not sure how Snyder is going to handle the whole Dracula plot, let alone if Dracula is even going to fully awaken. We'll see though.

Punk Rock Jesus #2

Add Sean Murphy to the list of guys who break the "artists can't write" sentiment. Punk Rock Jesus is an awesome story. Great commentary on pop and religion culture, matched with great art from Murphy. The story is kind of fucked up in more ways than one, with certain characters motivations, but I've got to say, with Chris (the Jesus clone) still being an infant, Thomas, the ex-IRA member is really stealing the book. He's great. I'm wondering though, when the book will actually get to the point where Chris will actually be grown up, and in the name sake punk band. Regardless, if the book continues to be as good as it is now, I can wait.

Underwater Welder

If you don't know, Underwater Welder is Jeff Lemire's latest graphic novel that Top Shelf put out. It's the story of a oil rig worker named Jack (I think?) who is about to become a father. Some super natural shit happens under the water during a welding job, and it begins to go into Jack's relationship with his own father. I'm not too too far into the book yet, only about 80 or so pages, but from what I've read, I really have enjoyed it so far. I'll be honest though, I'm not the biggest fan of Jeff Lemire's artwork, but for the story, it certainly fits. It has great visual storytelling, and I'm starting to warm up to Lemire's illustrations.


Did I mention this last week? I forget. Regardless, I enjoyed the relaunched Witchblade and Artifacts so much, I'm going back through all of Ron Marz's run on the title and various Top Cow events through out that universe. I just got past the birth of Hope where Sara regains part of the Witchblade, which I believe is the dark version, and Dani has the light? I'm interested to see how that dynamic works out, but looking through covers and solicits of future issues, I have a general idea of where it's going. Reading through all this Witchblade stuff has definitely got me contemplating digging deeper into the universe… I said it before on Twitter, I'm in deep on this stuff.

EDIT: I wrote this on Thursday afternoon, after the fact, I continued reading and just finished up till the end of Witchblade vol. 8, the end of the "War of the Witchblade" arcs, and man... I fucking love this title. Gonna take a break from it... until I get home, probably. I'm now looking at the Angelus series, and contemplating going back through Hester's Darkness run... in so deep. After reading this, I've got to say, Tim Seeley's run on the title has much more to live up to in my mind now.

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