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Stack Rundown, 08/04/2012

Second edition of Stack Rundown! This week I'll be offering up my quick thoughts on the Rotworld crossover, Earth 2, Thief of Thieves and more.

Animal Man / Swamp Thing #12

I can't tell you how long it has been since we learned that these two titles would be crossing over, feels like forever, but man am I happy the Rotworld crossover is finally here, and the prelude didn't disappoint. Both Swamp Thing and Animal Man have been top notch books, and I really enjoyed the fact that both issues were co-written by Snyder and Lemire. The interaction between Alec and Buddy felt great from the get go, and I still love all the book's supporting characters, I mean... a god cat named Socks? Fantastic. 

I am a little confused about what the actual Rotworld is. I don't really know what happened to Alec and Buddy in the Rot. Is the end result them actually traveling through time, a year into the future? Or is this a "what if" they fail sort of world? I don't know, regardless, warrior Poison Ivy looks pretty bad ass (and maybe it doesn't mean she'll be exiting the Birds of Prey book).

Action Comics #12

Action under Morrison has been somewhat of a mixed bag. I've made it clear that I generally don't give a shit about Superman, but you know... Morrison, and All Star Superman is the one Superman story that I flat out love. With Action though, I just kind of feel lost. It's like when I read R.I.P. first, with out having read Batman and Son or Black Glove for context. I'm just not familiar with everything Morrison is pulling from, and with the Captain Commet stuff, a lot of what was written with through one ear and out the other, so to speak. And as many thought, we're going to be getting into the 5th dimension shit soon, so lord knows how I'm going to deal with that. With Morrison having only five issues left, I really have to wonder how he's going to get everything in there.

Earth 2 #4

I've loved all the world building that has been put into Earth 2 so far. I was never interested in JSA characters before, because I felt they were a tad bit old and irrelevant to my interests, but now that they've been revamped, I feel like I can get into them more. Here we are introduced to the new Al Pratt, and the would be team starts to form in order to fight Solomon Grundy. Where Worlds' Finest is still flying around in circles giving us no information, we're slowly learning things about each character, and getting more and more info, thus continuing the world building. Take for instance Hawkgirl recognizing Atom and saying "I'm not going back, Al! Not alive, anyways!" So clearly, those two have a past, and there's something to it. Interesting. Where as I can't say I've received anything similar from Worlds' Finest the other Earth 2 related book. This has been the better read, by far.

Dial H #4

Dial H is a lot like Action for me, things happen, other things are said, and I just have a hard time grasping what is going on. This issue though, it was a little more comprehensible for myself. There's just a whole lot of high concept, multidimensional travel sort of shit going on, and I can't say I was prepared for it. Once this arc is over, I'm going to have to go back and reread everything, and try and grasp just what the hell is going on. All that being said, the art is fantastic, so there's that.

Thief of Thieves #7

I can't tell you why I started buy Thief of Thieves. I think Image had a digital sale where all their new #1s were $0.99, and I bought the first one at that point, then all the sudden I have the rest? Yeah, I don't know. But whatever, I'm reading it now, and I really enjoy it. It goes by a few clich├ęs though. Last issue was the "shit goes wrong in the heist" issue, but this was that part in the movie where you find out shit went exactly the way they should have, and I love that part. Every single twist, how everything was planned ten moves head, love it. Just sitting there reading it going "that's awesome, that's awesome, and that's awesome" every turn of the story. It also sets up the next arc pretty well, so safe to say, I really liked this issue.

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  1. I must be one of few who love action comics... it's fun, it's fast and it explores many of the concepts Morrison loves to touch with superman (the "archetipic man", the mesiah from another planet, the path of the heroe and all that stuff). I really like it, but the art is not so good (except for the issues drawn by Andy Kubert)