Wednesday, August 15, 2012

SPOILERS: Red Hood and the Outlaws #12

Picking up where we last left off, Roy continues to tell his story as we're back on the SS Starfire, with Roy trying to cheer Kori up. Depallo pulls Kori aside and asks her if it's wise to be so... involved with a human, to which Kori tells her old friend that there's something special about Roy and she has no intention of hurting him, or any of her friends.

Elsewhere on the ship, Jason tends to his date Isabella and they flirt a bit, and I don't seem to care because the absurdity of that point has worn off by now. Roy does some stuff with the navigator K'tten and gets life support working better, and all the sudden the Blight invade the bridge, starting an all out battle.

One of the blight members attempts to shoot Kori with a teleportation beam, to which Roy jumps in front of, and there we are with him, Blackfire and the Blight. With Blackfire and the Blight not on the best of terms, they begin to argue a bit, until Roy brings up the real reason why he took the teleportation bullet, and grabs a hold of Blackfire, as the SS Starfire uses a tracer to beam the both of them back on board, while it flies into the maw of the Blight mothership, so it can't attack them with out damaging itself.

On board, with the sisters reunited, the rest of the crew leave, giving them some time alone. Turns out, Blackfire was pretending to work with the Blight and is super sorry for everything she's done to Kori. They embrace, cry, sister stuff, you know.

Meanwhile, on a Blight occupied Tamaran, one of the Blight in charge guys has a human prisoner... yeah. Um, it gets weird here. He starts asking why earth is so interested in Tamaran all the sudden... and um, the guy says that it's because of "the thirteen" something the Blight dude thinks is a myth. The human continues to talk, saying if the thirteen are united it means the end of the omniverse, as the Blight guy kills him. What are the thirteen? Last I heard, they're the Darkness, Angelus, Witchblade, Wheel of Shadows, Spear of Destiny wait... what the fuck? This sounds familiar...


...moving on

There's a little character moment between Jason and Roy, alluding to Roy's past addiction habbits, and then Kori and Blackfire go on to storm the blight ship, asking Roy and Jason to avenge them if they don't get back.


Yeah, okay... something was super off about this issue, and in part, I think that may be due to the art, where even if you take out the comparison to what came before, I still didn't like at all. But over all, like I said... just feels off. For some reason I just didn't enjoy this issue. Kori's reaction to her sister felt very contradictory to what she said last issue, even considering the pep talk she got from Roy. I just don't care about Isabel anymore... and I don't know, this just wasn't fun. I think it's the sci-fi setting, which in heavy doses, I don't think is a fit for this book at all. Then just stuff happens, and not in an interestingly "pique your interest" sort of way, like the earthling thing... That was just so random, and out of nowhere, when put in the middle of an issue I just wasn't feeling, I can't help but ask "what?" about it... Especially when it sounds like it was the exact plot of the first #13 issues of Ron Marz' Artifacts event. Seriously, exactly. the. same.

I don't know... every book has it's low points I guess? If anything, there were a couple of nice character moments between Roy and the other two on separate occasions, that I've come to expect and like from this book.


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  1. Just got this issue and I could'nt enjoy because the art style was such a bad representation of the story. The expressions were god awful.