Thursday, August 2, 2012

SPOILERS: Legends of the Dark Knight #9

The final letter Batman reads is from a man he sent to jail named Max. He tells Batman that he was caught mugging a woman, while hopped up on dope. He landed in prison, and absolutely hated Batman. Being that it was his third offense, he was in there for a while. But as time went on, he got a new cellmate, who was also 19 at the time of his arrest, and caught by Batman. The new kid was equally angry, and Max saw himself in him. Upon Max's release, he decided to let go of the anger, and set his life on a straight path. He tells Batman thank you, and hopes that they'll never have to meet again.

Bruce apologizes to Alfred, telling him he was right. Having read every single letter, Bruce finally realizes that despite Joker always getting out, what he does is worth it to many people. Having organized all the letters, Bruce asks Alfred to find out where Max is living now. Before he leaves, Alfred asks about the Joker, but Bruce says he hasn't forgotten about him yet.

Outside of Max's apartment, he sits on his front door step, and is approached by two of the Joker's gang members. They offer him a chance to get back in the game, but Max refuses. As they leave, they promise he'll join them eventually, as Max looks at the revolver he had been holding secretly. All the sudden, he hears "don't do it" and finds Batman on top of a nearby light post. Bruce tells him he read the note, as Max figures he's going back to jail for violating his parole by carrying a gun. Despite the clear law violation, Bruce tells him everyone gets one break, and tonight is his, as he takes Max's gun. Max asks what the catch is, but all Bruce says is "you gave me some info" and tells him to get into the car.

Bruce drives him to the bar that was mentioned in one of the letters from last issue, and recommends him for a job. Being in a great debt to Batman, the owners instantly agree to accept Batman's word, thus allowing Max to actually start his life over.

Elsewhere, all the Joker thugs are meeting up to listen to their messiah, who promises to wreak havoc on Gotham, but all his thugs fall silent. Knowing instantly what this means, Joker asks his men "he's standing right behind me, isn't he?"


And so ends "Letters to Batman" like the first few issues, this was a nice little introspective story, that humanized Bruce. I really enjoyed the fact that the last guy's letter got tied into the Bar owners one. The only thing I wasn't sure about was if Max was the guy who mugged the woman in the first letter from the last issue. I looked back, and there were some inconsistencies with the art to the characters, which is a shame, because if that was the intent, I would have completely been about the full circle wrap up to the letters. The one thing that did bug me a bit was the ending... All too abrupt. Could have used another short chapter, but oh well. I wasn't entirely sure about the info Max gave Batman either, I assume it was allowing him to follow the Joker thugs to Joker's hide out? I don't know. Still a great story though.


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