Thursday, August 30, 2012

SPOILERS: Legends of the Dark Knight #13

With a dead body all up in his business, while handcuffed to a desk in the GCPD's interrogation rooms, Slam Bradley is pretty screwed when the cops show up. Before anything rash can happen, the lights are cut, and Batman pulls Slam out of the room via the air vents.

On the roof, Batman tells Slam that he's seen everything, and will deal with the Black Mask, but first they need to leave before the cops get up the stairs.

While driving to Black Mask's hideout, Slam marvels at the Batmobile, and asks Batman why he does what he does, figuring that Batman isn't as crazy as Slam thought he was.

When they get to the bar Black Mask is located at, Batman tells Slam to stay in the car, an order Slam isn't going to listen to, so both of them storm the place, kicking the ass of every goon in sight. Batman goes after Black Mask, while Slam holds off all the henchmen, until he hears steel shutters slam shut after Batman enter's Black Mask's office.

Black Mask has his tommy gun out, and Batman is forced to use smoke bombs to try and avoid the fire, but Black Mask eventually finds him in his sights. Before the trigger can be pulled, Slam crashes through a window, punching Black Mask out.

When all is said and done, Batman clears Slam's name, and sends Black Mask behind bars. Walking home, Slam laments about not getting paid, but enjoyed punching a super villain's lights out. Though, as he enters his office, he swears off anymore dealings with capes and tights, but what's this? In true noir fashion, a sultry pair of legs wait for him on his desk, with a voice asking for Slam's help...

...aaaaand it's Riddler, to Slam's displeasure.


I loved this arc. I really hope there are more arcs in the future that don't exclusively tend to Batman, as there are many characters that are either not used, or underused in current comics, that could be used in a book like this. Dripping with noir style, what really helped me enjoy this arc was the action and subtle bits of humor peppered within. Just a

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