Thursday, August 23, 2012

SPOILERS: Legends of the Dark Knight #12

Spying in on Black Mask dealing with one of his henchmen who went a little too far with his girlfriend after she found some papers and threatened to go to the cops, Slam Bradley doesn't feel all too well about the situation. Luckily, in a rare moment of forgiveness, Black Mask tells his peon that he's allowed to make a mistake (once) and goes off to business.

As Black Mask and associates leave their meeting place, Slam sneaks into the car of the main he's tailing, and while he and another thug drive to parts unknown, Slam manages to get the guy on tape admitting to killing his girlfriend. As soon as the car stops, Slam begins to smell gasoline, and as he looks outside, he finds the men setting an apartment building on fire.

Soon enough, Batman arrives on the scene, and spots Slam there. Feeling as if that's enough, he doesn't ask any questions, and knocks Slam out, leaving him for the police.

Inside jail, Slam eventually gets brought in for questioning. He tries to tell the young detective to allow him to make a call to Gordon, Bullock or even Corrigan, but the young detective tells him he's a bad joke, and leaves.

Slam realizes that his recorder is gone, and figures that Black Mask has so many people around that someone must have swiped it. Feeling as if he's done for, a knock at the door is followed by none other than Black Mask, and the man Slam had been tailing.

Not even put off guard by the situation in the least bit (because he probably knows how fucked up Gotham is) Slam just insults the guy he was tailing about his ability to trick two women into sleeping with him. The guy tries to attack Slam, but Black Mask holds him off, telling Slam how much of a thorn in his side he's been... but Black Mask decides he's going to finish it by killing two birds with one stone, as he impales his thug, and throws the body at Slam.

As Black Mask wipes the blood off his hands and leaves, soon enough, police discover the body, and surround Slam, guns drawn.


Another good chapter from Fialkov and Hester. Like Slam says, he's pretty much up shit creek with out a paddle, so it'll be interesting to see how this wraps up next week in only ten (full) pages. If there was one thing I wasn't digging, it's how far Batman jumps to conclusions in these two. Now, I know that this is out of continuity and it really isn't a Batman story, but I don't know... it just doesn't seem right for Batman to instantly believe Slam's guilt, especially with all the other characters in Gotham. Doesn't really ruin anything, seeing how little Batman is in the story, just bothered me at the time of reading.

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