Thursday, August 16, 2012

SPOILERS: Legends of the Dark Knight #11

Meet Slam Bradley, if you started reading comics with the New 52, you probably have no idea who he is. Good cop, turned private investigator, prefers not to get involved in Gotham's more... flamboyant aspects of crime fighting. Tonight he's on the job, spying on his client's husband and mistress, so his client can get as much as possible out of the divorce.

Slam tends to stay out of things, but when shit starts getting violent with the husband and his secret lover, and I mean really violent, Slam's good cop nature takes over, and he rushes to the apartment. By the time he gets there, it's too late. Instead of taking his photos to the wife, and getting paid for a week's worth of work, Slam does the "right thing" and calls 911, leaving the memory card by the phone.

That night, while watching TV, the news report of the murder comes on, and to Slam's surprise, he hears his own name as a suspect. Cue Batman, crashing through Slam's window, claiming he killed the woman, with all the finger prints and what not at the scene. Slam doesn't know what Batman is talking about, and mentions the memory card, to which Batman knows nothing about.

Batman lets up a little, as Slam sits on his broken window and explains the situation. Batman says he'll still have to take him in, but Slam has other plans, and leans out the window, in hopes that it's Wednesday and the dumpster is still there. Just as Batman goes down to get him, he hears something (presumably from Alfred) about a more important situation. He tells Slam he'll come back for him, and to prove it if he's so innocent.

So Slam goes back on the case to prove his innocence, following the guy who really murdered the woman. Turns out, he's got a thing for beating women, and Slam has found him doing the same thing, but others seem to be looking for him, as eventually, two big dudes haul him away. Slam tails the car they put him in, all the while thinking of his two rules "I don't let people die who don't have to" and "I stay away from the capes and tights" two things which may be hard to do, as Slam follows the men all the way to Black Mask's hide out.


So, Joshual Hale Fialkov and Phil Hester are bringing you this latest chapter of LotDK, and I've got to say, I really enjoyed it. It was straight up noir story, hardly dealing with Batman at all, which is something this title hasn't really done  yet. Also, while I'm very much looking forward to some Joker goodness in the upcoming monthly titles, it was nice to see someone other than the Joker here, as we had what... seven straight weeks of Joker stories from this title? So, Black Mask (hell, anyone) is a welcome addition. While Fialkov nailed down the noir style script, Phil Hester's matched the tone perfectly, with help from inker Eric Gapstur, whose heavy blacks provided the dark shadows needed for the story. Anyways, as usual, since this story isn't over, no full review score, but it was a great start, to a unique (for this title) stoy.

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  1. It's great to see Slam back! He was awesome in the previous Catwoman series! Good to see Black mask back, too! Ha, ha!