Thursday, August 9, 2012

SPOILERS: Legends of the Dark Knight #10

Okay, so not a full write up since I'm somewhat strapped for time. Basically, the story is over a new vigilante calling himself Praetorian who has captured the Joker, and is waiting for Batman to come and retrieve him. In that time, Joker begins to fuck with his head a bit, making him question if his actions actually happened, and revealing that he knows his name, and that of his wife and children. You know, typical Joker creepy stuff.

Turns out, the guy who is Praetorian is a bit mad, instead of stopping the Joker at a bank heist, he was put into a sadistic game by the Joker, with his wife. The game? Who ever kills themselves first, grants life to the other. Praetorian's wife ended up shooting herself, and just as he was about to, Robin managed to stop him, but the gun fired and ended up killing a bunch of people.

Six weeks later and Praetorian has been a bit schizo in Arkham, and managed to attack Joker wearing a makeshift mask. Just as Joker is about to stab him, Batman comes in, and saves the day. Praetorian comes back to reality, and gets a bit of a talking to from Batman, annnnd.


Yeah, sorry for the quick and dirty write up, but like I said, not a whole lot of time, and quite honestly, this one took me a few reads to get it. I want to say it was a bit clever, but... I don't know, I wasn't feeling it. Didn't enjoy the art that much either, following the great amount of talent they had prior to this issue.


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