Wednesday, August 1, 2012

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #12

So, whatever reaction ended with the last issue continues here, Batman does some "RAGH!" and some "ARGH!" Does something with some fire to cause a reaction, get lucky and neutralize the compound... I think? Bruce takes note of it all, proclaiming he doesn't have much time.

Elsewhere, at Dunhill Labs,  Mr. Toxic (Hugh Marder clone) and Prof. Radium (Hugh Marder) find some scientist, demanding he finishes the research or use it on him, or whatever to cure them.

In the Batcave, Bruce watches the data he got form the homeless scientist who is hiding from Marder, and gets the story on Marder, who was driven mad by a genetic disorder, used the collider to try some experiments on him, but only made these weird defected clones... or, you know, whatever.

Long story short, Marder and Marder try and use another collider to fix them, Batman comes in, throws some chemicals on them, something reminiscent to the Jason Todd tentacle monster thing sort of happens, but eventually Marder is spit out of the giant blob, Bruce puts his helmet back on, and drags him off, hoping he doesn't regret saving his life...


Now, here is where the real fun starts, the back up. No Two-Face this time. This back up was written by James Tynion IV, you know, Scott Snyder's Batman partner, and future writer of Talon? Anyways...

Late one night at the GCPD, Bullock walks a new evidence locker attendant named Nancy through her new digs, specifically highlighting the Joker's cut off face. Bullock tells Nancy a story about the last guy who worked evidence, who applied for a transfer right after the Joker's face showed up.

Bullock continues, and tells Nancy a ghost story about the Joker, so to speak. A young cop was in charge of bringing him to Arkham one night, all the while, Joker is in the back seat whistling a song, the entire time. The next time Joker got out, he went right for the cop's apartment, killed his wife, and strapped the man to the chair, asking him to whistle the tune. The man was so distraught, he could barely even move his lips, so Joker proceeded to carve a whistle out of the bone in one of the man's fingers, and play the song until he bled out.

Nancy is taken back by the story, asking how Bullock knows. Harvey tells her that the Joker told it to him, as he placed the whistle in his hand, after being caught again, laughing through the entirety of it, of course. Bullock leaves, telling Nancy he's not superstitious, but he's glad he's not locked in the room with that thing.

Later in the night, a little after 3am, Nancy starts to hear something in the room, that all the sudden turns into loud laughter, sending her to the floor as she wakes up startled. Nancy approaches the Joker's cut off face slowly, and finds nothing. She opens the case to expect it in more detail, only to have it start laughing again. Once she gets up from the floor again, she looks closer and finds something she doesn't like.

Nancy storms into the room where Bullock is, punching him in the face for planting an audio recording on the face, letting him know if he deicides to play another joke like that again, she'll report him, no second thoughts. Bullock just says "heh, welcome to the force, kid."

Elsewhere, from within a dark room overlooking the GCPD, a single figure watches on, as he says: "Time to put on a happy face!"


Alright, I'm going to straight up say, still hated the main feature. Same complaints as last time, don't give a crap about the characters, was never given a reason to, science mumbo jumbo that just seemed to be random, large exposition info dumps, and so on. Sure, with Daniel leaving the title, he may have had to rush a few things, but it just was a mess in my honest opinion. This arc was just bad. Daniel's art was fantastic though, can't hate on that.

The back up though! Made up for the issue's shortcomings a lot. Such a great, short little prelude to the "Death of the Family" arc, I can't wait for more. I mean, how fucked up was it that Bullock was playing a joke with Joker's face? Twisted, twisted stuff. And that last page? Haunting.

So, if we average out a story I hated with one I loved, we get...


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