Wednesday, August 15, 2012

SPOILERS: Catwoman #12

Dollhouse just made off with Alvarez and a bunch of other street walkers, and Catwoman is getting a call from her fence, Gwen. Selina tells Gwen it's not the time, and despite Spark wanting to bail, she comes up with a plan to save Alvarez after finding a GPS tracker in his car. In order to do so though, she needs Spark to trash the Bat signal, and leave some evidence for a certain vigilante to find.

In Dollhouse's dollhouse, Alvarez tells her how fucked she is, because she'll eventually be pinched by the cops, who despite Gotham's track record, actually do their job. Alvarez keeps Dollhouse talking long enough to allow Catwoman to catch up with them, before the psycho can do anything to him.

When Catwoman crashes the doll party, the two begin to fight, durh. As Selina is thrown into a near by room with a bunch of macabre mannequins, Dollhouse properly introduces herself, claiming her birthname is Matilda, and she's following her father, Dollmaker's work. Sound familiar? First arc of Detective. After the formalities, Dollhouse again opens fire on Selena, and eventually tags her with some tranq darts. OH NO!

Before Dollhouse can use the good ammo on Selina, Alavarez attempts to stop her. This pisses Dollhouse off more, as she turns her attention to him. Before anything happens though, Selina hears a distant noise, but knows it all too well, as the Batmobile comes crashing through the walls, as Dollhouse's mansion continues to burn.

In the chaos and flames, Batman attends to Alvarez as both Dollhouse and Selina make their get away. Later, in Selina's apartment, she sits in the tub, fully clothed, as the shower rains down on her, thinking over everything.

Elsewhere, Spark enters a hide out, thinking to find Selina, only to find Gwen, wise to his game working for the cops, pointing a gun at him. Spark's self defense falls un deaf ears as Gwen eventually shoots and kills the traitor. She calls the man who gave her the tip, who we find out to be none other than Penguin, who makes sure to remind Gwen that he doesn't distribute favors lightly, and will collect some day.


Good issue, liked it. Wrapped up Judd Winicks little run nicely, teasing some potential plot points later. I've got to admit, I had thought "This dude has to be involved with the Dollmaker right?" before, but for some reason just thought it was just too similar to be related and a complete oversight by anyone involved... I don't know everything, this is true. I was surprised how quickly Spark got wrapped up, especially with Selina not learning of his betrayal. I don't know if it's just someone who Ann Nocenti didn't have plans for, or if it will be continued later with his death. Again, not really feeling Melo's art... just kind of generic, but nothing is new in those regards. Over all, the issue didn't floor me, it was just good, did it's job.


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  1. Called it! I knew Dollhouse had to be involved with Dollmaker