Wednesday, August 15, 2012

SPOILERS: Birds of Prey #12

Turns out Starling didn't straight up shoot the oil exec last issue, just hit him with a dart that contains the same toxin that Ivy injected into the Birds. As Ivy intimidates the man, Dinah and the rest of the Birds watch on in disgust.

In the plane on their way to the next eco terror mission, Ivy begins to direct things, just as Dinah has had enough, punching Ivy in the face. Wiping the blood from her lip, Ivy reminds Dinah about the deal they struck, but Dinah tells her they came way too close to the "no killing" part of the deal. Ivy tangles Dinah, Tatsu and Babs in vines, and points out how non of them are completely pure. Starling listens to the commotion from the cockpit as she flies, and decides to break it up, making some hard turns, causing the team to fly through out the cabin. While Ivy bitches at Starling, Babs whispers to Dinah that she has no doubt that Batman will be able to synthesize a cure. Dinah agrees, and tells Babs to give her the sign when they should turn on Ivy.

Eventually, they get to their next target, and jump out of the plane as it crashes into an oil rig that Ivy had attempted to destroy previously. As they scale the rig to further destroy it, Ivy points out that the workers will use the life rafts, so Dinah's conscience can remain clear. But while they continue to sabotage the rig, Dinah finds some more workers trapped deep below, and tells Starling to stop immediately, to which she agrees. Ivy shows up, and slams Starlings head into the console, causing the rig's drill to overload, setting fire to it.

Ivy manages to pull Starling out of the wreckage, while Dinah blasts a hole through the wall that allows the rest of the workers to get to life rafts.

Back in Gotham, Ivy is having her bio suit tended to by a scientist who created it. Babs looks at Dinah, and pulls on her glove. Dinah doesn't quite get it at first, so Babs tries out a new sign, more in the shape of a bat, right before she throws a batarang, knocking out the scientists head, and makes a break for it. The rest of the team deal with an enraged Ivy, as they continue to try and destroy more of her bio suit. Ivy's powers still prove too much, which leads to Tatsu saying "enough" and just slicing Ivy across the back, dropping her instantly, as she congratulates Katana for killing every human on the planet.

Gravely wounded, Ivy is held in the scientists arm, as he says they've doomed them all. Dinah confronts Tatsu, who says if she hadn't done what she did, both Dinah and Starling would have been dead instead, and asks if Dinah still doesn't trust her. Dinah backs down and tells her that she does, but this wasn't exactly what she had in plan when she formed the team.


So the turn finally happened, Birds vs. Ivy. Had to have seen that one coming, because Ivy isn't too much of a good guy, despite the shades of grey currently on the team. I generally enjoyed this issue, and the arc, mainly because we haven't really had a good Poison Ivy story in god knows how long, and this one served as a pretty good one. If I had to knock this issue for anything, its that it just sort of ends abruptly, but that's something I've sort of come to expect from this book, as it really has smudged the lines of when a story ends and when a new one begins. I wouldn't be surprised if issue #13 picks up the coat tails of this issue as well. Art... eh. It was alright. Bad in some spots, especially with Starling's hair, which looked like it was combed forward from the middle of her skull, instead of having bangs, at times. But generally, it got better from the first few pages (the ones in the preview) but here's to hoping Romano Molenaar sticks with the book for a while starting with #0... please?


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  1. You know, I thought the art was great. So he didn't get starling's hair right. Big whoop. He did a wonderful job with the other ladies. And his Ivy was outstanding. Facial expressions? Flawless. Though I too am looking forward to this Romano Molenaar character as well.