Wednesday, August 15, 2012

SPOILERS: Batwoman #12

As Batwoman and Abbot search for Bloody Mary in a abandoned fun house of mirrors, in some nondescript location, Wonder Woman has come across a sect of Medusa and their monsters, as she has some expository inner monologue, setting up just who she is to those who may be Gotham hermits. After going over the myth of Bloody Mary, Kate eventually gets her to come out of hiding by calling her name three times, all the while Diana continues to fight beats and cultists elsewhere.

As soon as Bloody Mary comes out of the mirror, she attacks Abbot, but it's short lived as Kate uses her suppressive gun to fire a pellet at her that shatters her into millions of little pieces. Kate asks where Maro and the children have gone, but Mary offers no solid answer, saying that they have been abandoned. She does mention that Medusa is not a group, but the queen of all monsters, in a mocking way. Kate has nothing of it, as she uses the heel of her boot to crush the last remaining shards.

The DEO has set up shop on Falchion's old Yacht, using it as their Gotham base. Kate meets with Chase and Mr. Bones, telling them what she's found out about Medusa. Kate suggests that they involve Wonder Woman if everything Mary said was true, as there's no better expert on slaying greek myths and monsters than her. Bones pauses for a moment, then agrees to the suggestion, telling Kate that she's taking point on the mission, and it would be a good opportunity to gather info on the Amazon.

After months of no progress, Gotham's citizens are protesting the GCPD's inability to find the missing children, some even claiming they're racist due to most of the families being of latino or other not Caucasian descent. Maggie attempts to reason with the protesters during a conference, but is pretty much left to hang, until Gordon calls it to an end.

In Maggie's apartment, with Kate about to leave, she becomes irritated at the secrecy. She brings up how she never even asked where Kate was the night before they first had sex, but decides to ask now. Kate obviously can't say, as Maggie shows her the door, telling her not to come back until she can.

Back at Jake Kane's mansion... or his wife's Bette watches her uncle and step aunt at the pool, going over in her head about her attack. When Jake asks her to sit down and watch some tennis with him, she declines and asks him to hold up his promise, to which Jake says "Well, I guess it's time to talk."

As Wonder Woman finishes her battle on the beach, she begins to rinse the blood off her body in the nearby ocean, as she's doing so, Kate's sub emerges in front of her. Kate opens the hatch and asks Diana "You got a minute?"


GOOD GOD THAT ART! So happy JH Williams is back illustrating the book. He's doing his awesome practice of drawing certain characters in certain styles, and I love it. The illustrations! The layouts! The colors! The lettering! This book is an artistic force of nature, and I love it.

With all my problems with the non linear nature of the last arc, I have to say, I do enjoy how this is actually just one big story. That being said, I kind of wish we had more Kate/Diana interaction in this issue, but I understand the need to sort of establish who both these characters are, while showing how similar they are to each other. If anything, despite the lack of interaction, this issue got me excited on how the two will play off each other in this arc.


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