Wednesday, August 1, 2012

SPOILERS: Batwing #12

Batwing, Nightwing and the JLI are in deep with fighting Lord Battle's honor guard, known as Blood Storm. Not too long ago, Batwing called in the JLI's help to invade Tundi, due to recent events. Batman found out that Penguin sold Lord Battle a nuke, as Batwing put the rest together. Battle was behind the attacks on the River Estate, and planned to erase the rest of the estate with the nuke... thus making him the one with all the oil, and the richest country in Africa.

Before it all goes down, Batman has the JLI break up into teams in order to place beacons that will allow them to disable the satellite mask covering the country, and find the nuke. Batwing and August General in Iron plant theirs, Nightwing, Guy Gardner and Godvia do the same, while Booster Gold and OMAC plant theirs in the sewer. Meanwhile, Lord Battle meets with a wounded Matu Ba in his hospital bed, telling him he is "one" with the land, and knows that Matu has people coming for him, he feels it.

Sure enough, just as the beacons are placed and lit up, Blood Storm attacks the various splinter teams. Though they're being attacked, Batman manages to find out where the nuke is, and transmit the codes to Batwing and the JLI, but Lord Battle is waiting for them, and is more than a formidable foe for them.

Elsewhere, Matu Ba tricks his attendant into getting close to him, allowing him to knock him out, via headbutt. Matu uses the attendant's phone to contact Batwing, and tells him that before Lord Battle came to Tundi, he was a normal man, but hasn't left since. He's "one with the land" literally, it gives him his powers. Taking this into account, Batwing knows how to beat him, grabs Lord Battle, and flies him out of the country's small borders.

Lord Battle's body instantly begins to shrink, but everything around him begins to die. Battle pleads with Batwing to bring him back to his country, as he can feel it suffering, along with the people. Batwing agrees, but under one condition...

A week or so latter, Lord Battle remains locked up in a cell, but his presence on the land, allows it to live on and prosper, while the UN implements peacekeeping operations. In the Haven, Matu speaks with David, wondering if there was a certain honor to Lord Battle's madness, but David can't agree, citing the planned genocide and the murders of Matu's family. Matu tells David that his kin may be dead, but his family lives on.

Elsewhere, in parts un known under the ocean, reports of Lord Battle come in to a new baddy. Pleased to hear of Battle's incarceration, and knowing that most of The Kingdom are now dead, King Shadow proclaims that it is the time to make his move.


So, you know what was awesome about this book? That this issue made Batwing really feel part of the DCU. Him working with Nightwing, Batwing, and the JLI really cemented him as someone more than a bit player made by Morrison for his INC story, who surprisingly was handed a book after being on about 6 total pages. This was just a big super hero action issue, which I really enjoyed. You can't go wrong with a book like that every now and then. The only negative was some of the inking. Marcus To is a guy who you can really tell when others ink him, a lot like Jim Lee. Given that I know Fed Ex fucked up a lot, if not all of the pages when he shipped them to the inker, I have to imagine a reason why there are so many on this particular issue, is because they were strapped for time. A lot of the guys who helped out inking just look really inconsistent, compared to Winn, who is the regular inker. But, it didn't actually take away from my enjoyment, just was noticeable is all.


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