Wednesday, August 22, 2012

SPOILERS: Batman - The Dark Knight #12

Years ago, Scarecrow's creepy ass dad comes into his son's room while he's sleeping, and opens up to him. He sympathizes with his son about how tough it has been with out his mother around, but also tells him how proud he is of him. It would be a sweet, tender moment had it not have been for the fact that Crane's father was trying to get him to wake up so he could be put through some more horrendous fear tests, but this is Gotham, you take what you can get.

Meanwhile, while Batman is at Scarecrow's mercy, Mr. Crane is all "LOOK AT ME NOW DAD!" Then, as one would expect with Batman tied up by the Scarecrow, it takes one of those turns into showing just what makes Batman ticks. There's no need to really explain page by page, honestly. Crime alley, villains, allies, all that good stuff.

But what is different about this iteration of that Scarecrow/Batman tradition, is that mirrored, is the same story told with Scarecrow, and how he came to be, going from misunderstood youth, to psychopath.

It all comes to a point where despite Scarecrow's best efforts, yet again, he isn't fully able to break Batman, as the issue ends on a page of young, orphaned Bruce, returning to the hole he fell into, dealing with his fears, surrounded by bats.


Sooo... yeah. Not the most original of stories, as this kind of issue is pretty much always expected when Scarecrow is involved. That's pretty much my only complaint though, just that we've seen it before, which in turn, really messes around with the pacing of this arc (especially with the #0 issue coming next month). All that being said, I really found the mirrored Scarecrow story to help make this issue feel different than other Bruce hallucinating issues. Hurwitz is managing to add depth to Scarecrow in these broad strokes, as well as little subtle actions, like interacting with one of the abducted kids. That, combined with great, flat out creepy at times art from David Finch, is what really makes the issue stand out from past Scarecrow stories.


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  1. I actually liked the ending for going into #0
    I feel like it's an old tv show "I remember when it all began..." and the screen goes all glowy and wobbly and harps play...