Wednesday, August 8, 2012

SPOILERS: Batman and Robin #12

So, this book can be summed up very quickly. When it starts, Terminus is fighting Batman, as he goes on about the people he scars and maims are his true legacy, as Robin takes care of all the other guys Terminus has wreaking havoc. Bruce eventually fights fire with fire and gets on a big ol' power suit to fight on more even ground with Terminus. As that happens, Damian is confronted by those three mutated together guys from issue #1, and gets some back up from Dick, Tim and Jason.

Terminus and his suit pack a powerful punch, but his suit can only keep him alive for so long, and when his time runs out, he pretty much just falls to the ground, but he's got another trick up his sleeve. His time was also set to a war head in Kane County that would explode in the atmosphere, raining down a toxin that would kill all of Gotham in a week's time. Naturally, that can't happen, so Bruce uses his power suit to fly to the missile, and reroute it into the water where it can detonate safely (I mean, who needs to drink water?) while his "sons" watch on.

As Terminus dies, Damian informs him of his failure, telling him to take that to the grave. Damian offers his "brothers" a ride home, Dick agrees, Tim says he can handle it on his own, and Jason… well, did you really think he'd say yes? Dick asks if Damian is still coming after him on his Robin vs. Robin mission, but negates any reason to, giving Damian an escrima stick to hang on his wall, telling him last time he checked he's' "already wearing the "R" on [his] chest."


So yeah… this arc had potential, but sort of disappointed me. Never found out any of Terminus' deal, which bothers me to no end, especially now since he, you know… died. I had some issue with the dialogue in this issue as well, particularly during Bruce and Terminus' fight. Very blocky and choppy. I mean, I realize it's a fight, and we won't be getting some eloquent speech or something, but really, it just kind of sucked. What saved this issue was the interaction between all the Robins, which I did really enjoy, especially Dick's talk with Damian.


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  1. Nolan should make Batman 4 and introduces Damian