Wednesday, August 8, 2012

SPOILERS: Batgirl #12

Babs and Melody continue to speak about Knightfall in Melody's apartment. Bab wants to know just how Melody came to work with Knightfall (what she actually did, I'm a bit hazy about) and it turns out after her husband died, Melody went into a deep depression, until one day Knightfall came to her doorstep, with a proposition. That's about as far as the story goes, because… well…


This being the first time Babs has ever actually seen Kate, she's a bit in awe with how fast she moves, while taking down Melody. But that awe turns to "oh fuck" really quick when Kate turns her attention to Babs, who she assumes is working with a dirty cop. Let's just say Babs gets her ass handed to her, leading her to say "uncle" and try to get Kate to stand down.

Kate eventually does, as Babs tries to begin to explain that despite DEO's intel, Melody isn't all bad, and is trying to help take down Knightfall now. On cue, Knightfall calls Melody's phone, telling her that Batgirl is to show up at her tower, alone, or the car thief will be tortured and killed, then hangs up. Melody assures both Babs and Kate that she's not joking, but Babs knows exactly what she has to do.

Elsewhere, James Gordon gets a rude wake up call in the middle of the night from a guard who has some info he's supposed to keep secret, but figures he has to repay Gordon. "Repaying" isn't exactly the word to use, as what he has is the info about James Jr. breaking out of Arkham during a recent break out (The Dark Knight #1) soooo, yeah, petty bad news, as Gordon can only put his head in his hands and say "Oh my sweet lord, no…"

Elsewhere, Babs shows up alone, just as Knightfall demanded, met by the disgraced, who inform her that they killed the kid she was trying to save anyways. A few jabs back and forth, and they all begin to fight. The fight is intercut with Melody giving Babs the background of each of the Disgraced, all former Arkham inmates who Knightfall befriended on the inside.

As the fight goes on, Knightfall watches from a surveillance room, thanking her guest with helping lure Batgirl in. Who is the guest? None other than James Jr. For his help, Knightfall officially pardons him, and asks why he helped keep her alive in Arkham way back when, and all James can say is that he admires her vision.

As the fight between Babs and the Disgraced go on, figuring that since they didn't keep their word, and apparently killed the kid, she asks why she should keep hers, as both Batwoman and Melody drop tear gas and storm the tower, allowing Babs to go after Knightfall.

Deeper into the tower, Babs finds where Knightfall is keeping all her victims, and finds the kid alive, just in terrible shape. As she tries to attend to him, Knightfall sneaks up behind, and stabs her in the side, proclaiming her victory.


So, I've got to say, this was the best issue of the series, by far. Action packed, and some pretty interesting twists, all along the way. I've really liked this arc so far. Batwoman was awesome in here, and I'm surprised at how much Gail Simone allowed her to kick Babs' ass. I would have at least figured she would have propped up Babs a little bit more, but, Gail did stay true to the character. I really liked the twist with James, that piqued my interest big time.

So yeah, this arc has really turned this book around in my opinion, I thoroughly enjoyed this issue.


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  1. I love this series! Fav of the new 52 by far! Thanks for always keeping me up to date on all things Gotham!