Thursday, August 23, 2012

Panels of the Week, 08/23/2012

Brought Batman Inc into the mix this week, as I didn't want to rely on shitty scans on the week I actually read and wrote up the issue. And, nothing really stood out to me in Teen Titans this week, or at least any panels that would be remotely tied to this site, so nothing from that book.

Batman Incorporated #3: Was there really any question who Redbird was when we saw that little frown on the cover of issue #4? I mean, really? Regardless, you got to love Damian, just doesn't give a shit who he's fighting, he's just a little headstrong, violent, little shithead, and god love him for it.

Batman - The Dark Knight #12: This is just a visually awesome final page, illustrating Bruce getting over his fears. I was wondering if it in any way would detract from that famous Year One scene, but then I decided not to really care, as this just looks cool regardless.

All Star Western #12: I mentioned it last month, Tallulah is a badass, and no one knows this more than Selina Kyle's great-great-grandmother (presumably). Oh wait, no she doesn't, because she's dead.

Legends of the Dark Knight #12: I was torn between this or the panels where Black Mask impales his thug guy. I didn't notice the shadow work under the characters until my second look through, and ultimately picked this one, just because of that awesome visual touch. 

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