Thursday, August 16, 2012

Panels of the Week, 08/16/2012

You know what's awesome? When JH Williams art gets to be put into the panels of the week post, yessir. And putting this together, I just realized that 4/5 of the books this week featured fill in artists... rad.

Nightwing #12: Super wide screen. I admit, wasn't a fan of the artist, still aren't, but this was a pretty striking scene... thankfully no one's weirdly shaped face was in it!

Birds of Prey #12: Another fill in artist, that was... alright. But this, this was a perfectly fantastic, and awesome panel from the book.

Batwoman #12: I think this is the first panels of the week entry that is straight up two full pages, jesus christ JH Williams, this isn't even fair anymore.

Catwoman #12: I've made it clear, I'm also not a fan of Melo's work, but I really enjoyed the set up of this panel. Shows the emotions of the character perfectly, just so tired and run down that they don't care about wearing a skin tight leather suit in a tub of water.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #12: Wasn't a fan of this artist either... was trying to search through the book for a panel and pretty much just settled on this one... Yep.

Legends of the Dark Knight #11: I liked this issue for it's noir style elements, and look at that! That's noiry as shit! Once again, this title has lined up some pretty great art talent, to go along with the great writing.


  1. I'm so grateful that you do this particular post on your blog every week! It is so cool! My thoughts on the issues this week? I loooved the B.O.P. artist! He did waaaay better then alright! Alright was the artwork on Gotham City Sirens towards the end of that series! I'm so happy to see Slam back in town ! I'm not sure why you don't like the catwoman art... It looks pretty flawless to me. On the other hand, I hate anything done by that Batwoman artist! He's terrible! I can't see why anyone things he's so great! Wonder Woman looks so ugly! Never the less, thanks for all the great stuff you post on your site!

  2. J.H. Williams III is the best thing that could ever happen to comics... he's a true artist