Friday, August 3, 2012

Outside of Gotham, August 3rd, 2012

I should have listened to myself when I started finding similarities between this book and Levitz' Huntress mini series, could have saved myself the heartache.

Spoiler alert! NOTHING HAPPENS! Seriously, nothing. Not a thing. In the present day, they overload Hakkou with a nuclear warhead, which blows him to dust, and in the past, they walk around and talk some more, with out doing anything of any particular consequence.

Fuck, man. This is the same damn thing that happened with Huntress, and by that, I mean nothing. Here's what is wildly frustrating about this, here we have Hakkou, who destroyed a portal back to Earth 2 and even vaguely spoke about parallel worlds as well... but then he gets blown up, and we learn nothing about who he is, what he knew, or why he was doing what he did... The worst part? The book literally acknowledges the fact that the characters (and consequently the readers) never learn anything!

Seriously, just read the last page.

"Hey, we never figured out this, or learned about that, or knew whats going on with that other thing."

Seriously, WHAT THE HELL!? Yeah, you guys don't know anything, but neither do we! This is the part where some much needed dramatic irony needs to come into play. If you don't know what that is, it's basically when the audience knows something that the characters of a work of fiction don't know. We need a page of something that hints, teases, or even flat out reveals answers to us, the readers, that Karen and Helena don't know yet, but nope, no one knows anything. That is fucking maddening. I know I give some books crap for over use of exposition, but damn it, would I cry tears of joy if a character just literally explained everything within the pages of this book.

The final worst thing about this is the fact that the book has so much potential, but it's just squandered by Levitz with his move at a snails pace to get to no where in particular stories.


I'm done giving any sort of meaningful coverage of this book on the site.


  1. Tastes vary, I read the first four issues mostly for the flashbacks and that was enough for me. I didn't read them for the "now" story because... well, see the spoilers above.

    I fully understand the frustration and why you aren't covering it, and as I buy it I get my spoilers in the issue :)

    Mind you, the writing is going to have to pick up with the next story line or I'm also done, particularly as there are a number of titles in the next wave that have caught my interest.

  2. Yeah...while I'm grateful to Levitz for creating Helena Wayne and all, I think this book could certainly benefit from having another writer on board. The lack of original dialogue (is Levitz aware that the 90s are over?), the lack of a compelling villain to match the calibre of skills the two women possess is not doing the book or characters any favours. What makes it especially painful is (as you said) the fact that these are TWO great heroines with a lot of potential for great storytelling.

    The only thing that's keeping me on board at this point is the flashback story which is quite frankly more interesting than the "main" story.