Friday, August 31, 2012

Outside of Gotham, 08/31/2012

Justice League #12, hyped up to have game changing events and... well, I have some issues with that. Hit the jump for all my thoughts.

Okay, I'm going to sum up the issue really quickly so I can get to my thoughts. The League eventually beats Graves, Steve Trevor isn't dead, just gravely wounded. Diana feels guilty for putting Steve into trouble again and essentially breaks it off with him again, saying the League will request a new liaison. Meanwhile, Batman, Aquaman, The Flash, Green Lantern and Cyborg discuss the league's effectiveness and public perception. Hal quits, allowing them to pin that public fight on him, as he doesn't really care what the earth thinks of him, as most of his work is elsewhere. In Belle Reeve, where Graves is kept, Amanda Waller shows up with a typewriter, telling him to write another book about the Justice League, and she'll do the rest. Superman and Wonder Woman kiss, blah blah blah, and then there are teases in true Geoff Johns fashion. Cheetah, Aquaman and the Atlantis invading land, Superman and Shazam going one on one, Cyborg telling Batman that a new member is a traitor, Pandora giving her box to someone, Superman punching Batman telling him he has to do it, and the JLA!


Let's get this out of the way, I liked the issue, I thought it was really strong, and the teases have me hooked. That being said, let's get into some problems...

The inking issue. A few months ago, there was a story on Bleeding Cool that just had multiple inkers take on Jim Lee's pencils for Batman #2's variant. They all looked really different... and the same can be said here. There were a total of 9 credited inkers on this issue. I'm not sure if one ore a few of them were for Ivan Reis' teaser pages, but even then... 8 inkers on one penciller, at best. This issue really makes your appreciate Scott Williams, as even though Jim Lee pencilled all but four (I think?) pages of this oversized issue, it looked like there were multiple artists, thats how vastly different some of the inkers made Lee's pencils look. It was wildly inconsistent, and I don't think it would happen, but I'd love to see it re-inked for the trade release.

Then, let's move on to the kiss. This isn't really a problem with the kiss itself, or anything in the book particularly, it's the hype surrounding it. First of all, I flat out fucking hate when "game changers" are teased to high heaven, only to be spoiled a week before, and be put on the cover. Hate it. Then, there's what we actually got, I was thinking "this kiss can't be what they were teasing, there has to be something more that actually is a game changer." But nope... just the kiss. So, what actually happened because of that? Nothing. Nothing really happened. I get Superman and Wonder Woman hooking up is a big point DC can throw out there to sell books, but other than fan service and stupid promotions, nothing monumental happened.


Regardless, I liked the issue, and only knock it for all those inkers.



  1. Replies
    1. Yes, but read in conjunction with the "JLI Annual" (which was an amazing unadvertised quasi-crossover), the kiss apparently is a huge game changer. (Nicholas' comment was eluding to that). Not to mention the Brother Eye threat at the end of that issue... looking forward to an OUTSIDE GOTHAM report on "JLI Annual #1" from Spoilers!

    2. All of which I will talk about tomorrow in my Stack Rundown post. I'm very particular about what I talk about in these things. Here I was just trying to talk about JL 12, and that's it.