Friday, August 24, 2012

Outside of Gotham, 08/24/2012

In this week's All Star Western, the war between the Court of Owls and Crime Bible finishes up... sans the owls, and in Teen Titans, some stuff happens with Cassie's armor and ex!

All Star Western #12

To sum up this issue of All Star easily, it's basically Tallulah Black fucking bitches up. Heads are lopped off, eyes gauged out, fingers shot off, no one is safe. So yeah, in last issue, Tallulah got free from the Crime Bible captors, cut off the Hugo Strange looking dude's head, jammed her thumbs into Selina Kyle's ancestor's skull, and lead Alan Wayne and the police to where the Crime Bible were keeping Hex and Amadeus. Afterwards, when Tallulah believes Hex to be riding out with her, he basically tells her to go fuck herself, which she doesn't take kindly to, but don't worry, they start doing it after they beat each other a bit, true romance. At the hanging of the remaining Crime Bible members, Arkham asks Mayor Cobblepot about getting funding to start the Asylum, and some guy comes up to Hex about Dr. Jekyll, something for the next arc.

This arc made me really love Tallulah, she's a total badass. If there was one thing I was a bit disappointed in is the fact that nothing is ever really done with the Owls... they initiate their plan to get the Crime Bible to go after Hex and Company, and it works in their favor when the Crime Bible is taken out. I mean, good for the Owls, but it's kind of odd that the main characters of the book got played and are none the wiser. Oh well, still a great series, and that minor note didn't really lessen my enjoyment.


Teen Titans #12

So, to sum up the issue quickly, Tim and Superboy do battle with Wonder Girl who is being controlled by her armor. They manage to break through when Superboy uses his TK powers to force the armor off Cassie... Then her evil ex boyfriend shows up and steals the armor from her, in order to destroy the world, because that's what bad guys do. Then there was five pages of a back up with those dinosaur people, that I didn't read again.

First of all... I've just got to ask whats with a lot of Scott Lobdell's books not being full featured? I take an issue with a book having a "back up" that takes away from the main story's pages. It annoys me to no end. Whatever. Anyways, on to the stuff I actually read, I thought it was average. Nothing great, nothing bad, nothing to really elicit an emotional response from me. What I thought was really stupid was the fact that there's literally a single page of the other 50% of the team just sitting in a room after waking up saying "we should wait." Well, alright...

I'm not going to lie, as a whole, my enjoyment of this book is beginning to crack. It just seems unfocused. I mean, you have another member (Skitter) who popped up early in the series, went away, showed up in the Culling, disappeared, and now no one is even talking about her. It's just odd. I don't know if Lobdell is just busy with Superman now, but I've got to believe with my waning interest in this title, and not being into the space arc of Red Hood too much, that Lobdell may be stretched a bit thin. With some creative team shake ups rumored around #16, I wouldn't mind seeing this book get a new writer, just someone who can dedicate more time to sharpening this book to a point, so to speak.

I don't know... whatever, like I said, I didn't hate this issue, didn't love it either.


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