Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cover Thoughts for November 2012

Solicits means it's time for another post with my thoughts on the various covers and solicit text. Got a good handful of covers for November, so hit the jump for all my thoughts.

Talon #2: This is a little different for Guillem March. Most of his covers usually feature a big shot of the given character(s) that really show case his style, this one, not so much, with the pulled back angle of it. It's not my favorite from March, given the point I just made, because I am such a fan of March's style and want to se it front and center. All that being said, I do appreciate the lay out and perspective of the cover.

Batman #14: Love this cover. I thought some of Capullo's covers had become a little simple looking towards the end of the Owls arc, but the last two have been just fantastically creepy, and it sets the tone of the story pretty well. If there's one thing I don't really like, is the large amount of "empty" black space, I'd rather see it better utilized to complete the image. That being said, I know Batman has a big bulky logo that takes up a bunch of space, so there's that.

Detective Comics #14: Have I mentioned how happy I am to have Jason Fabok on a Bat book? This is a great cover, and I'm glad Poison Ivy isn't going anywhere after her betrayal in Birds of Prey. Fabok definitely takes after David Finch due to his being mentored by him, but I've got to say he draws women a lot better. Ivy looks sexy, but with out the weird anatomy that some artists can fall victim to. One nit pick thing is her eyes. In Jesus Saiz's design, her eyes are black rather than white, and it just looks fucking cool. Some artists seem to miss that, I hope it's fixed. Also, love the vines forming a bat.

Batman - The Dark Knight #14: Finch has been inking his own stuff recently, and I've got to wonder why? I mean, can't hate on having more control over your art, but I don't know, to me, it seems a little scratchier. I also don't like how you just see the back of Scarecrow's head. I do like the colors though.

Batman and Robin #14: If there's one thing Patrick Gleason and Mick Gray do well, is use shadows well. The deep blacks that often cover their Batman are really awesome, on show case here. I really like how the perspective of the chatter teeth make it look like they're part of Batman's face.

Batgirl #14: Well, this is somewhat similar to the last cover, is it not? That being said, the key feature is Joker... and that's apparently his new look, maybe? Greg Capullo wasn't too happy about this cover being put out there. Generally, I like it, and Benes' interpretation of the Joker looks fucking creepy. In terms of Joker's design, I can't image that's it. It looks as if he has his old face strapped to his skull, and I can't imagine he cut off his face just to put it back on again, there has to be something under it.

Batwoman #14: What's going on here? Deserts? Cowboys?! What? Sure. Who cares, JH Williams is always awesome. I don't know what else to say about his covers... they're just so awesome, always.

Catwoman #14: Much better than the cover of the last issue. Trevor McCarthy fits Catwoman way better than Andy Clarke. McCarthy has the ability to do some pretty good and crazy JH Williams III like covers, and I hope he continues on the book. Give him some credit too, teeth tearing away the costume, and boobs are still covered completely, haha.

Batwing #14: Batwing is going Goku on those dudes. Sprit bomb! Seriously, the DBZ similarities are all that comes to mind when I look at this cover, I can't get past it... Um, lets try to say something else... I do enjoy when artists incorporate their signature in interesting ways?

Birds of Prey #14: A very action packed cover, no? I like it. Not sure why Katana has two swords now, but that may be part of the story. I like that Molenaar did his own covers, because it gives us a better look at what his style will look like. I think he'll be a great fit on the title based on the cover and glimpses we've got from him.

Nightwing #14: INK! Seriously, that's all I want for Barrows' covers, for them just to be freaking inked. This isn't the most creative of covers though. Two characters, good and bad, in some action pose. I'm really not feeling Lady Shiva's new design, I just don't really get it. The spikes in her hair make me think "dinosaur" for some reason.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #14: I kind of wish Rocafort didn't do covers for the book anymore. Why? Because I'd rather just have a clean break up, haha. He won't be drawing the book anymore, and I don't want to be reminded of what I'm missing! Anyways... as much as I love Rocafort's style, this cover just seems a tad bit flat. Not a whole lot of details, nondescript background, just bleh... not his best.


  1. The Batgirl cover has Joker's face held on by a leather strap - and Capullo's cover shows a leather strap on the back of his head. Pretty sure that's the new look!

  2. Love the Batgirl cover! She's looks beautiful as does Ivy and Starfire! And what a perfect Batman cover! I also love the B.O.P. one! And Catwoman? I love this artist's style!