Friday, August 31, 2012

Worlds' Finest #0 Preview

Hey look, Earth 2 Catowman! I like that costume, and I also like how they sort of made it so Helena's current Huntress costume resembles her mother's.

(Source: Newsarama)

Outside of Gotham, 08/31/2012

Justice League #12, hyped up to have game changing events and... well, I have some issues with that. Hit the jump for all my thoughts.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Batman #14 Pencils... Uh-Oh...

Bruce never looks that distressed... this can't be good.

(Source: Greg Capullo's Twitter)

Detective Comics #0 Preview

Well, there goes a majority of next week's early in the week posts... um, see you all Wednesday?

(Source: MTV Geek)

Batwing #0 Preview

Batwing before he was Batwing and a member of Batman Incorporated! Gonna miss Winick on this book, as I said in the post about him leaving, he really surprised me with this one.

(Source: iFanboy)

Panels of the Week, 08/30/2012

Only three panels this week since it was the slim fifth week.

SPOILERS: Legends of the Dark Knight #13

With a dead body all up in his business, while handcuffed to a desk in the GCPD's interrogation rooms, Slam Bradley is pretty screwed when the cops show up. Before anything rash can happen, the lights are cut, and Batman pulls Slam out of the room via the air vents.

Looking Forward: September 5h, 2012

And Zero Month officially begins!
  • Detective Comics #0: Gregg Hurwitz and Tony Daniel take us to a time in Bruce's life where he spent his time training with all sorts of martial arts masters, all over the world.
  • Batwing #0: We know who Batwing was as a child, but now we get to find out how he got to become a representative of Batman Incorporated.
Check back in a bit for the finale of Fialkov and Hester's LoTDK arc, followed by panels of the week. Tomorrow will be the Outside of Gotham post for Justice League #12, and I'll have stack rundown on Saturday, as always.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

SPOILERS: Detective Comics Annual #1

Black Mask has escaped, but the staff at Arkham don't seem to be aware of the fact, as before he left during the Night of the Owls, he used his mask's powers to make all the doctors at Arkham believe he was still there. Such is the case as Gordon finds Jeremiah Arkham talking to no one, in Black Mask's old cell.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Monday, August 27, 2012

Nightwing #0 Art Tease

D'aww, would you look at that? Li'l Dick Grayson!

(Source: Kyle Higgins' Twitter)

Justice League #12 Preview

This one is supposed to be big... hopefully bigger than just Supes and Wonder Woman hooking up. But look at that... nine inkers, and five colorists. Damn. Although, it does feature a few pages by Ivan Reis (may be warming us up for him on the title) and David Finch (probably going to be something about Justice League of America).

While you're waiting for the issue, you should check out Superman and Wonder Woman's profiles, because that's totally not stupid...

(Source: Buzzfeed)

Sunday, August 26, 2012

DC Announces "Justice League of America"

Soooooo, big announcement coming from Fan Expo, DC announced a new book from Geoff Johns and David Finch, Justice League of America. I'm sort of still wrapping my head around this one. Catwoman in the JLA? Katana? What happens to Birds of Prey with Katana on this team? David Finch obviously will be leaving The Dark Knight, what happens to that book, since it was essentially made for him. I just... I, okay sure. Fine, whatever.

(Source: MTV Geek)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Judd Winick is Leaving Batwing

Let's not gett too ahead of ourselves given the timing of this departure, in relation to another departure that has turn into an already infamous, unprofessional, and classless shitstorm. Winick told Newsarama, in part of a larger statement:
"My departure is simply a time issue, I’m pursing a few other projects that make it impossible for me continue doing a monthly book."
So there you have it. Winick didn't say which issue would be his last (I'm thinking perhaps 16 given other rumors) but it could come sooner. It's unfortunate to lose Winick on this title. This was one of those books where you didn't really know anything going into it, but from issue #1 I could tell it was something special. Winick really did a great job with the title.

Now, who takes it over? To be honest, I can't see the title lasting too much longer. If it makes it past the fourth wave cancellations, I can't see it making it past the next round, quite honestly. That being said, I feel like they should give the title to a relatively new/young writer. Batwing is a character who doesn't come with a whole lot of strings attached, and could allow a newer or young writer to thrive by taking risks, but having that safety net of being on the outskirts of the Bat family. But, as always... we'll have to wait and see.

(Source: Newsarama)

Stack Rundown, 08/25/2012

Hey, have I mentioned how awesome I, Vampire is? "But I'm tired of vampires"no, no, shut the hell up, you don't know what you're talking about. You're wrong. Just admit it, it's okay. Let me school you in the ways of I, Vampire as well as everything else I've read in a week's time.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Detective Comics Annual #1 Preview

Reading this preview, all I could really think is "Woo! Birds of Prey has an artist I can get behind again!" Unfortunate Molenaar couldn't finish the whole thing, but I guess that's what happens when you get tapped to draw another series. That being said, Pere Perez is a master at filling in and matching styles, so that's good with me!

(Source: Newsarama)

Outside of Gotham, 08/24/2012

In this week's All Star Western, the war between the Court of Owls and Crime Bible finishes up... sans the owls, and in Teen Titans, some stuff happens with Cassie's armor and ex!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Panels of the Week, 08/23/2012

Brought Batman Inc into the mix this week, as I didn't want to rely on shitty scans on the week I actually read and wrote up the issue. And, nothing really stood out to me in Teen Titans this week, or at least any panels that would be remotely tied to this site, so nothing from that book.

SPOILERS: Legends of the Dark Knight #12

Spying in on Black Mask dealing with one of his henchmen who went a little too far with his girlfriend after she found some papers and threatened to go to the cops, Slam Bradley doesn't feel all too well about the situation. Luckily, in a rare moment of forgiveness, Black Mask tells his peon that he's allowed to make a mistake (once) and goes off to business.

Looking Forward: August 29th, 2012

Five Wednesday month = Annuals. Just the Detective Comics annual to look forward to next week, which will see Tony Daniel close out his comic writing duties for the foreseeable future, with a story pitting Batman against Black Mask.

As always, Legends of the Dark Knight spoilers coming up in a bit, panels of the week, and tomorrow will have my Outside of Gotham post about All Star Western and Teen Titans #12. Stack rundown again on Saturday.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

SPOILERS: Batman - The Dark Knight #12

Years ago, Scarecrow's creepy ass dad comes into his son's room while he's sleeping, and opens up to him. He sympathizes with his son about how tough it has been with out his mother around, but also tells him how proud he is of him. It would be a sweet, tender moment had it not have been for the fact that Crane's father was trying to get him to wake up so he could be put through some more horrendous fear tests, but this is Gotham, you take what you can get.

Reminder: Batman Incorporated #3 Spoilers

As many of you know, Batman Incorporated #3 comes out today, after the shooting inspired delay. But... you won't see any post about it. Why? Because I already did it, a few weeks ago. So, if you're looking for it, follow that link.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Jason Fabok Detective Comics Sneak Peek

Soon to be Detective Comics artist Jason Fabok posted a brief look at some up coming Tec art, featuring... well, Batman.

Looking good. Big, bold, clean, very much looking forward to him taking over art duties on the title.

(Source: Jason Fabok's Twitter)

Friday, August 17, 2012

All-Star Western #12 Preview

This should be the last one involving the Owls, I believe... but on the subject of the preview, I heard things don't end well for Selina's great ancestor.

(Source: i09)

Stack Rundown, 08/17/2012

Doing this a day early since I don't have any "Outside of Gotham" post for today. This was another mostly Image stuff week, but nevertheless, there was a pretty damn big reveal in the final page of Wonder Woman #12 this week, and some more Geoff Johns craziness in Green Lantern.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Jock gets in on the Joker fun...

So, if you haven't heard, Jock will be illustrating the back ups of Batman #13-16, involving the Joker and his interactions with other rogues, I believe. So, with the Batgirl #14 cover going out uncensored, and Greg Capullo being less than pleased with it, what's the natural thing to do?

Post a full face picture of your version of the Joker on instagram.

So, to avoid front page spoilers, hit the jump to see the uncensored image.

Panels of the Week, 08/16/2012

You know what's awesome? When JH Williams art gets to be put into the panels of the week post, yessir. And putting this together, I just realized that 4/5 of the books this week featured fill in artists... rad.

SPOILERS: Legends of the Dark Knight #11

Meet Slam Bradley, if you started reading comics with the New 52, you probably have no idea who he is. Good cop, turned private investigator, prefers not to get involved in Gotham's more... flamboyant aspects of crime fighting. Tonight he's on the job, spying on his client's husband and mistress, so his client can get as much as possible out of the divorce.

Looking Forward: August 22nd, 2012

Batman Inc. #3 comes out next week, but I already wrote it up, so next week I only have one other issue to cover with Batman: The Dark Knight #12, the midway point (I believe) in Gregg Hurwitz's opening arc.

Check back in a bit for some LoTDK goodness, and panels of the week. I don't believe there's an outside of Gotham post this week, so expect the stack rundown on Saturday.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

SPOILERS: Nightwing #12

Dick intercepts police chatter about the murdered Republic of Tomorrow members in the sewers. Inside, Dick finds Detective Nie and other GCPD members. Despite Nie not liking him too much, Dick pulls him aside secretly, to tell him what he knows, that Paragon killed the brothers they've been investigating, and the bodies they're currently looking at. Nie agrees, telling him that Paragon appeared in his apartment, telling him about this scene. Dick's confused, why would Paragon alert the cops to his crime... then it hits him, just about the same time Paragon's attack does, to draw him out.

SPOILERS: Birds of Prey #12

Turns out Starling didn't straight up shoot the oil exec last issue, just hit him with a dart that contains the same toxin that Ivy injected into the Birds. As Ivy intimidates the man, Dinah and the rest of the Birds watch on in disgust.

SPOILERS: Red Hood and the Outlaws #12

Picking up where we last left off, Roy continues to tell his story as we're back on the SS Starfire, with Roy trying to cheer Kori up. Depallo pulls Kori aside and asks her if it's wise to be so... involved with a human, to which Kori tells her old friend that there's something special about Roy and she has no intention of hurting him, or any of her friends.

SPOILERS: Batwoman #12

As Batwoman and Abbot search for Bloody Mary in a abandoned fun house of mirrors, in some nondescript location, Wonder Woman has come across a sect of Medusa and their monsters, as she has some expository inner monologue, setting up just who she is to those who may be Gotham hermits. After going over the myth of Bloody Mary, Kate eventually gets her to come out of hiding by calling her name three times, all the while Diana continues to fight beats and cultists elsewhere.

SPOILERS: Catwoman #12

Dollhouse just made off with Alvarez and a bunch of other street walkers, and Catwoman is getting a call from her fence, Gwen. Selina tells Gwen it's not the time, and despite Spark wanting to bail, she comes up with a plan to save Alvarez after finding a GPS tracker in his car. In order to do so though, she needs Spark to trash the Bat signal, and leave some evidence for a certain vigilante to find.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Greg Capullo's Joker Revealed!

In a very small, blurry image...

(Source: Greg Capullo's Twitter)

Nightwing #12 Preview

Better late than never... and more incorrect, then correct, then incorrect gauntlet spike placing... Seriously, how does that happen? I mean, if they were in the wrong place through out the entire issue, fine, but to keep going back and forth? I zero in on that, and it's just annoying beyond all belief.

(Source: Kotaku)

Andy Clarke's Batman #0 Variant Cover

Featuring that bike Greg Capullo designed for the issue.

(Source: The Source)

Cover Thoughts for November 2012

Solicits means it's time for another post with my thoughts on the various covers and solicit text. Got a good handful of covers for November, so hit the jump for all my thoughts.

Monday, August 13, 2012

"Death of the Family" Comes to Suicide Squad in Nov.

We knew this was going to happen, just making note of it. Probably going to have to do a full write up on this one. Also, not too sure how much I buy into the obvious spoiler on the cover, given that 1. No, fuck that. and 2. The Squad traitor is on the cover with the rest of the team...

Suicide Squad #14
Written by ADAM GLASS
On sale NOVEMBER 14 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T+
• A funeral for a friend is interrupted by Harley’s past!
• Amanda Waller has found the Squad’s traitor — but has she lost the war with Basilisk?

Batwoman #12 Preview

JH Williams III! Hot damn. I believe he mentioned this before, but I love how he draws Kate and Diana in different styles, much like he did with the characters in "The Black Glove."

(Source: The Source)

Batman Group November 2012 Solicitations

It's solicit time! I guess "Death of the Family" starts big time this month, as many of the books seem to be tied in early.

Changes to note this month, as previously mentioned, Tom DeFalco is filling in on writing duties for Nightwing #13-14. Pascal Alixe will be drawing Red Hood #14, so who knows who the permanent artist on that book is. Batman Incorporated #5 is not correct, because it's just a resolicit thanks to the delay of #3 and that fallout, but it's weird because it's issue #5, but it's pretty clear they accidentally used the solicit for what would be issue #6. Rafa Sandoval is back on Catwoman's solicits, so maybe his exclusive with Marvel is over? And Jock seems to be doing back up art on both Batman and Detective which is awesome.

Hit the jump for full solicitations.

Worlds' Finest... and I'm back

Dateline: August 3rd, 2012. 10:05am EST, 1700 Broadway, New York City.

Dan Didio, Jim Lee, Geoff Johns and Bob Harras all sit within their ivory coated board room, laughing maniacally at the various Stephanie Brown/Cassandra Cain related forum threads, when an intern bursts into the room.

"WE LOST HIM!" the intern says.

"Who?" asks Didio.

"FHIZ! He hated the latest Worlds' Finest! He's gone!"

A tense silence falls over the room for a few brief moments until Didio begins to tear of his clothes in an animalistic primal fury, screaming at the top of his lungs. Stricken with the fact that all hope is lost, Jim Lee breaks all the fingers on his hands, knowing he'll never be fit enough to draw a comic again. Geoff Johns jumps out a nearby window, in hopes that his Green Lantern corps ring would fly him away, only to fall to the ground, many feet below. Bob Harras pulls out a handle of grain alcohol, falling into an instant, drunken depression.

All hope seems lost as DC's very foundation begins to crumble, but alas! There very well might be hope. The intern, ever intuitive, begins to search through all of FHIZ's internet profiles and shouts out "Wait! I think I've got it."

What's left of DC's executives look towards the intern with hope.

"Damian." He says.

Dateline: August 13th, 2012. 9:37 am EST, Washington DC's Metro Center station.

FHIZ looks at his phone, for the recently released Justice League group solicitations...

"God. Damnit."

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Red Hood and the Outlaws #12 Preview

So, that updated shipping list was wrong, and Timothy Green II is drawing this issue. Better than I expected.

(Source: Crave Online)

Catwoman #12 Preview

Very little battery, no power outlet = no thoughtful blurb to put with this.

(Source: Newsarama)

Stack Rundown, 08/11/2012

Weird week for the stack run down, as there were no other actual DC titles I read this week (other than Suicide Squad, which I talked about yesterday) but who cares, still a lot of stuff I liked.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Detective Comics #0 Back-Up Team

The updated shipping lists are in, and with it comes a little news bit that James Tynion IV, who wrote the back up for Detective Comics #12 (and it was the best part of that issue) will be writing the back up for issue #0 as well. Joining him will be new comer artist Henrik Johnson, who is (was?) a student of the Kubert School.

No word on what it will be about, just the creative team. In other news, we haven't heard anything about the back-up with when Layman/Fabok takes over, have we?

(Source: Comiclist)

More Batman #13 Pencils

I've got to think Capullo is done, if not close to done, on issue #13. If it seems like it's taking longer, that may be due to the fact that apparently this issue is a bit larger than normal, 24 pages, like issue #1.

(Source: Greg Capullo's Twitter)