Wednesday, July 18, 2012

SPOILERS: Red Hood and the Outlaws #11

Roy Harper has seen better days. He's captured, and being tortured by some ugly looking aliens, as they ask where Starfire is. Roy of course sees this as an opportunity to tell a story, mentioning that why should he not, implying Kori had left him behind somehow.

During the Blight's attack on the S.S. Starfire, Kori leads the attack on the other ships, while Roy puts out fires and Jason, well Jason gives his date a safety lesson, by strapping her in a chair with a seatbelt. Safety first, kids!

Kori and her crew are eventually victorious, and after she gives the crew some orders, she asks if she can have a private talk with Roy and Jason. As they leave, Orm, one of Kori's shipmates offers up Isabel some proper attire for the "coming battle."

Alone, Kori tells Roy and Jason that she's not sure she wants to bother to save Tamaran. She tells the story of how her sister and her were close, but in order to save the planet and obtain peace, Blackfire sold her sister off into Slavery. It was there Kori met her three close shipmates, and staged a rebellion to escape their bondage. Kori returned to Tamaran with all intent of killing her sister for what she did to her, but things changed as they were welcomed back as heroes. Kori still felt something inside of her, as if she was alone and abandoned, because despite all the praise they had received, she knew that not one person on her planet came to rescue her. So that is why she eventually took the S.S. Starfire and left.

Kori asks Roy and Jason if she's wrong to want to allow the Blight to kill off her planet. Jason is the first to speak, saying he gets it, but Roy quickly shuts him up, and has a little heart to heart with Kori, telling her he knows she's better than that, because she's a good person despite everything around her.

Isabel walks in, apologizing if she's interrupting anything. Kori gets up and walks away as Jason begins to say he owes Isabel an apology. Isabel stops him, saying that despite everything she had said, prior to all the space madness, it was pretty much the worst date ever. Jasons asks if it was really that bad, to which Isabel states "You were pretending to be a real estate agent in a down market. Yes, it was bad" to Roy's amusement.

Snap back to the present, with Roy's interrogator going crazy, telling him to shut up, as he just wanted to know where Kori was. Roy gives him a "hey, who's telling the story?" but a voice tells the others that he's stalling, in hopes that Kori will come save her. Blackfire appears, putting her hand around Roy's throat, telling him it's quite the opposite, demanding to know where her sister is. Ever the optimist, Roy smiles, telling Blackfire that she's probably going to find out sooner than later, and he's quite looking forward to that happening.


Then there was the Essence back up where she beats one of the Untitled and whatever weapon he was using crumbles when she touches it, I'm sure it'll get picked up upon later, but these backs ups seem to have no gravity to them at all.


So, despite the last six pages being taken up by the Essence back up which I have to say, I didn't really care about, this issue really did feel like a full issue as compared to the last one. That being said, the issue told a little bit more than it showed, as a bulk of it was characters saying what happened, with some flash backs here and there. Regardless, I liked what we got, and really enjoyed scenes like Roy telling Kori how good of a person she really is. The humors was there as well, with my next favorite scene being the alien's reaction to Roy's story. One element I'm not too sure I'm wild about is just the space opera nature of the story. I'm fine with it, let's be clear, but say if this was to be a long term direction for the book, I can't say I'd be all too thrilled. I've just never been a huge fan of this kind of stuff... yet as I type this, I'm remembering how much I love Saga. Well, in this case, let's just say, I'm glad this is only like a three or so issue arc, I'd much rather the book be a little bit more grounded.

Despite everything I just said, I have a feeling I just came off more negative than I really am towards this book. I quite enjoyed the issue, as everything I love about the book is here. Action, humor, great art.



  1. Just found out that Jason is gonna switch to Batman for the Joker storyline after #0, and is gonna be momentarily replaced by Crimson Fox

  2. The alien reaction to Roy's story made me laugh out loud for sure. I actually like the Essence stuff myself, maybe because I think she looks cool and I'm knida into the "dark" dcu characters.