Thursday, July 26, 2012

SPOILERS: Legends of the Dark Knight #8

Batman makes his way back to the cave, asking Alfred if there are any updates on the whereabouts of Joker. There are none to speak of, but Alfred asks Bruce what is in the bags he's brought. It's all the letters sent to Batman that Gordon gave him. Aflred asks if he's going to read any of them, but Bruce tells him there's no time for that... doesn't stop Alfred from reading them himself.

The first letter is from a young boy whose mother had to work late one night. To save money, she decided to walk home instead of taking the bus. On her route home, she was dragged into an alley by some thug. The boy remembers his mother later saying that all she could think about was that she'd never see her family again, but before anything could happen, that's when Batman showed up, knocking the guy out. The letter ends with the boy thanking Batman for returning his mother to him safely.

Alfred approaches Bruce at the computer, suggesting he really should read some of the letters, but Bruce tells him his priority is locking up the Joker. "Until he escapes again," mentions Alfred, who continues by saying that sometimes he needs to step away from the situation to "gain perspective" on it all. His words fall on deaf ears, as Alfred returns the letter to the pile, and heads upstairs.

Another letter begins, this time from a bar owner whose bar was invaded by a couple of the Joker's thugs. The thugs started beating up the owner's brother, and once he stepped in, they started beating him too. Sure enough, Batman came in, defeating all the thugs, but the bar was trashed, and there was no way they could afford repairs. So, before Batman brought the criminals in, he made them leave one of the bags of cash they were carrying, allowing the bar owner and his brother to be able to fix the bar.

Upstairs, Alfred watches TV, as the news just got word of Joker's escape, and is asking "where is Batman?" Alfred later goes down to check on Bruce in the cave, only to find him sitting on the floor, reading all the letters.


You know what this reminds me of, and it's probably just because this thought is so recent in my mind? The Batman/Alfred relationship in the Nolan movies. Bruce is just headstrong as shit, and Alfred is the one who grounds him down to reality. Sure, it's not exclusive to the Nolan movies, but it's a major aspect present in them, one of my favorites, so of course I'm going to enjoy this issue. I really do love these stories that humanize Bruce to an extent, so that means of course I loved this issue. These last two arcs have been fantastic so far.

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