Thursday, July 19, 2012

SPOILERS: Legends of the Dark Knight #7

It's your average night in Gotham, Joker is on the loose, on top of a school, threatening to blow it up, thus destroying Gotham's future. Batman shows up, tackles Joker, detonator falls off roof, Batman manages to catch it before it hits the ground. Hooray, Batman!

Bruce hands the Joker over to the cops, saying: "Here he is... Again. Make sure he stays awhile this time," before heading back to the cave.

Shortly after returning to the cave, Aflred offers him some food, but Bruce isn't hungry... surprising, right? Well, after that failed icebreaker, Alfred moves straight to the bad news, Joker has escaped, again, already. There was a present addressed to Batman left in his cell. Bruce opens it to find a miniature revolving door with a note saying "You might as well not exist."

Bruce begins to lament to Alfred about the worthwhileness of his crusade, as nothing he seems to do truly matters in the end. Alfred alerts Bruce that he's beginning to allow the Joker to get inside of his head, and dictate his emotions, but Bruce asks if he has felt that way, at least once. Alfred simply says that he has not, and it "saddens" him to think Bruce does.

The conversation is interrupted by the red phone (!!!) ringing, Gordon is on the other line, requesting to speak with Batman face to face. Bruce eventually makes his way to Gordon on the top of the GCPD, where they discuss the Joker briefly. Gordon then asks if Bruce's car is near by, and with confirmation tells his men to "bring them up."

Multiple GCPD officers proceed to bring up multiple sacks onto the roof. Bruce opens them up, and they're all filled with mail. When asked what exactly the purpose of this is, Gordon tells Bruce that the department is finally updating their computer system, so they've been going through old files, and all this mail has been piling up for years. He tells Bruce to look at the letters, as he'll find that they're all addressed to him, Batman.


So, if you hadn't realized, this is part one of another part three story, and just to make note of it, these issues are written by Steve Niles and illustrated by Trevor Hairsine. Being that this is the start of another story, I can't really speak to it with any finality, but I can say I like the way it is headed. It seems as if this is going to be another more personal story, getting into the head of Batman more, which is cool. If I had to guess, all those letters are going to be people thanking Batman or along those lines, which reminds me of something... maybe a movie or a show, but I can't place my finger on it right now.

Anyways, if I had to say one thing about this issue, it is that it continues the trend of just having great art on this series. Hairsine's work is moody, uses shadows on Batman's face really well, and is colored greatly by Antonio Fabela. The digital office over at DC has really done great work pulling some fantastic talent in that you may not see on any of the "main" books.

Anyways, check back next Thursday for part two, and the following Thursday for the final thoughts on this storyline.

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