Thursday, July 12, 2012

SPOILERS: Legends of the Dark Knight #6

Joker continues his plan, having Mad Hatter use his hypnosis on Bruce, to make him think he's Batman. Mad Hatter's control over Bruce's mind is even stronger than he planned for, as he begins to struggle with who he is, and why he's there, trying to fight off the hypnosis.

While that's going on, Joker asks Mad Hatter if he has used the "criminals are like rats" analogy before, because after all, he hates repeating himself. Mad Hatter isn't exactly cooperative, so the former Croc henchman Riley tells him he hasn't. Joker thanks him, but brings up the fact that he's heard Riley has been questioning his methods. He points out another henchman in the room, telling Riley how perfect he is, then shoots him in the face, asking Riley if he can do that to the perfect henchman, why should he keep a "partypooper" like him around?

Turning his attention back to Bruce, Joker puts on his cowl, and tells him to go find Clayface. Bruce is still struggling to regain his mind, but before he can be sent out, Killer Croc ends up crashing the party, and going on a rampage.

While Croc tears the place apart, Bruce manages to get control of himself, and trap Croc in a chandelier, getting Mad Hatter to use his hypnosis to put him asleep.

With everyone else beaten by the rampaging Killer Croc, and the police cars arriving, Bruce grabs Joker's gun, telling the clown he's got polo matches and yacht parties to attend, asking what the point of this game was. Joker's response? "What was the point? Oh, Bruce--Seriously, stick to polo. You're wasting your time looking for rules to this game."


And so ends this arc in LOTDK. I liked the one and done stories they did previously, but I liked this even more. Great art, combined with great, darkly humorous characterization of the Joker, equals a really fun ride. Joker is really the character who stole the show. I saw him shooting the good henchman from a mile away, but that doesn't matter, because that's who Joker is, and that's what I would want. With Joker probably coming back as one sick sunavabitch in main continuity soon, it was awesome to see that more violent comic version of the Mark Hamil Joker. Overall, these last three issues have been great, and totally worth the $0.99 they each cost, maybe more.


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