Thursday, July 5, 2012

SPOILERS: Legends of the Dark Knight #5

The man we last saw Bruce Wayne meet with, Brian Ahearne, is dressed up like Batman, and talking to Commissioner Gordon, only this Gordon has green hair, a white face, and bright red lips... Yep, Joker is dressed up like Gordon, glasses, 'stache, bubble pipe and all, telling Ahearne he has to protect the city, and asking a tied up Mad Hatter if he's ready. Hatter, who is obviously there against his will, tells Joker that Ahearne thinks he's Batman and is good to go.

Joker is pleased, and tells Ahearne to get into the Batmobile, while his new recruit/former Killer Croc henchman becomes a little nervous, as he doesn't want Croc to know he's giving the Joker his location. Joker tries to explain to him why they must do what they're doing, you see, he feels as if the real Batman has been very ineffective, so he wants to give him a hand, by having his own Batmen clean up the streets, first starting with Killer Croc. So Joker leaves the guy, telling him to keep an eye on Mad Hatter. With Joker gone, the henchman asks if they're going to be killed, something Hatter openly states, as he tries to buy the henchman off, but to quote the henchman, "why should I throw in with the guy who's tied to a chair?"

Elsewhere in Gotham, Batman finds one of Killer Crocs' goons, obvious by his bite marks, and demands to know where Croc is hiding. In Croc's hideout, he's already got a ballsy Ahearne by the cape, and decides to figure some things out before he eats him, asking who is sending all the Bat phonies. "Batman" tells him Gordon is sending him, though Croc feels it's a bit fishy for Gordon, he decides to eat the dude anyways, but not before Batman swoops in to save the day!

The two fight, while exchanging some humorous psychological advice, but the fight ends when Croc, who didn't want any trouble in the first place, decides to use Ahearne as a distraction, throwing him against the wall, gravely injuring him. As Batman tends to "Batman," Croc just simply walks away, deeper into the sewers.

Batman gets Ahearne to the hospital, where Bullock and the medical examiners can't get anything out of him, due to him being pretty doped up, and probably still under Mad Hatter's influence. Meanwhile, Joker is disappointed that he has to get another "Batman," but is pleased that it took him way less time to find Croc, than it did Batman. In the meantime, he has his next "Batman" recruit... Bruce Wayne.


So, like the first issue in this story, I think the art really is the star here. It has a very dark, twisted, cartoony look, which I absolutely love. Joker dressed up like Gordon was hilarious, and I loved the bubble pipe he had, it was just a great little detail that added to the humor. Let's not forget the writing though, as it definitely had it's own dark humor elements, which really helped establish the tone for the story. Sure, it's a little dark, but the story doesn't take itself too seriously, which is something perfect for this book's format. Overall, another great issue, these last two have really set the bar for what this title should be.

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