Wednesday, July 18, 2012

SPOILERS: Catwoman #11

Detective Alvarez doesn't exactly take kindly to Catwoman showing up in his apartment unannounced, and despite Selina telling him she wants to talk, he doesn't take long to try and arrest her, as a fairly destructive struggle breaks out. Selina eventually manages to pin Alvarez down, and fakes some moaning to throw of a nosey elderly lady who knocks at the door. Selina proceeds to tell Alvarez about all the missing prostitutes and junkies, giving him a drive with all the info, asking him to look it over, knowing he's an honest cop. As Selina leaves the apartment, Spark sees her leaving.

In the Dollhouse... Dollhouse is on the phone with his clients, about the organs. Seems Mr. House is a little late on some shipments, but things go from bad to worse when he notices one of his victims bleeding on one of his monitors. He finds the kid had chewed out his own wrists, in order to kill himself. With that, Dollhouse sets out to get a new crop to harvest.

Elsewhere, Gwen is walking down the street, when a man in a nice suit, and escorted into a nearby limo, where a man, with a silhouette not unlike Penguin's, tells her that he hears (and pays a lot to hear) that she's been working with Catwoman recently.

Elsewhere, Selina sneaks into an unoccupied high rise hotel room in order to relax. Spark is in there waiting for her, a bit early by Selina's watch, but none the less, they eventually start making out and what not, but Selina eventually stops when she gets a call from Alvarez, agreeing to help her out.

Sometime later, the three of them set up a sting, despite Spark's protest. Alvarez believes he found a pattern, and thinks Dollhouse will need to strike again, at three possible locations. Sure enough, Selina sees Dollhouse at her location... but so does Spark, and so does Alvarez. Turns out Selina and Spark's Dollhouses are just homeless guys who were paid off to drive a van and wear the costume, meanwhile, Alavarez's Dollhouse is the real deal, as he throws a flash bang into Alvarez's car, and goes on a tranq dart shooting spree, gathering many new victims for his cause.

Selina rushes to Alvarez's location, but is too late, as many prostitutes and junkies have already been taken, as well as Alvarez, with no sign of Dollhouse to be seen.


A fine issue I'll say. Nothing great about it though, just progressing the story more, getting done what needs to be done. Average art. I don't know, I just don't really find anything special about this arc. The whole Spark thing being a double agent is interesting, but it wasn't really touched upon here, and with Winick only having an issue left on the title, I feel as if not addressing it more here, may leave it to be a bit underwhelming when it finally comes out, if it does. Then like I said... Melo's art is fine, just nothing too special. Guillem March is a hard act to follow in my mind, and everything here is just a bit average, par for the course.



  1. I should have known better than to believe the "Dollhouse Unmasked" line on the cover. Is this character going to turn out to be someone we know/recognize, or is he (or she) simply a hooded crazy in a creepy doll mask?

    I am really interested in seeing how Judd's storylines from the past year reach a climax next issue.

  2. I also want to know who forced Gwen into his limo. It's not the Penguin because his nose isn't prominent enough. Could it be that guy who killed Lola?