Wednesday, July 18, 2012

SPOILERS: Birds of Prey #11

In Dubai, some oil company executives discuss some fracking that needs to be done (process of breaking up some earth way deep below the surface to get as much oil as possible, somewhat controversial, kind of fucks up the environment, maybe.) And, as you would expect, any group of oil company executives in a book that features Poison Ivy, are not long for this world, as she shows up, entangling the office in vines.

One week ago, the Birds are still on the run from from the plant monsters chasing them, as they go deeper and deeper into a secret facility. The poi lot who flew them there ends up getting his neck snapped, but as Katana puts it, he was a drug dealer, soooo... whatever.

Batgirl and Starling manage to get Ivy to a part of the lab that is just pure vegetation. As they're walking her there, she tells him that the lab is run by people who tried to create plant human hybrids like herself. They lay Ivy down into the patch of grass, allowing her to "recharge" a bit, as Canary struggles to fight off the plant monsters. Ivy tells her teammates that the people who made those things, also made her new suit, that enhances her powers. But all that came with a price, as she tells the Birds she's dying, and the suit is the only thing keeping her alive.

Back to the Dubai office, it seems they were ready for such a terrorist attack, as a man with a special, let us say, "weed killer" formula comes in. Ivy props up some of the board members as shields, but the CEO tells the man with the liquid Ivy killer to spray them anyways.

Back in the Amazon, with the plant monsters growing ever closer, Ivy tells Canary to remember the good she's done, her sacrifices were genuine and the friendships were real, something that royally confuses Dinah, as Ivy gets the monsters to stop on a dime. Turns out Ivy could control them all along, as things begin to turn. As we saw last issue, the monsters "stung" the Birds, apparently also injecting them with the same toxin that has given Ivy six months to live. Ivy then tells the Birds that she'll give them the antidote in six months time, as long as they help her accomplish her mission to "save the world" her way.

This doesn't exactly go over well with the Birds, as Dinah tells Ivy that she might as well kill them now, because they're not going to help her. That's where plan B comes in, because if any of them dies, the toxin in their blood will automatically release, and begin to spread like the plaque, wiping out humanity entirely, allowing the world to prosper again.

Having no options left, Dinah agrees to help Ivy, but says as soon as it's over, she'll personally take Ivy down herself.

Back in Dubai, the security guard with the weed killer tries to spray Ivy, but is soon kicked by Babs, who flies in through the window. Ev knocks the door down with Dinah, as many of the board members believe them to be there for rescue, but Ivy informs the Oil execs that the Birds work for them. She turns her attention to Ev, saying "As we discussed, Starling." Ev then points her gun to the CEO's head and...



So wow, I love the turn the book just took. Now, I don't know how long this is going to last, but man, great twist... Say what you will about Swierczynski's writing on this book, but what I've constantly enjoyed is the fact that he's really taken this book to places it has never been before. Now... I don't predict this Ivy thing lasting all that longer, seeing that she'll be involved in Swamp Thing down the line, but still, it's pretty fucking cool.

There was some fill in art here, Timothy Green II, who if you read Animal Man, will recognize from the annual issue a few months back... its as eh. I hope it was last minute, because there are a few panels that just have absolutely no background, and your typical Jae Lee like grey gradients in place. I don't know what to say about Green's work. I thought some of his panels were nice, others I wasn't a huge fan of... I know he's solicited to do some Red Hood work, but I wouldn't say I'm all that confident about it coming off this issue.

Foreman was still here as well, and his stuff was good, but his last few pages started to dip into that territory where it just sort of looks weird to me, with people's heads just having odd shapes to them.

Anywas, score time!



  1. So, is Poison Ivy leaving the Birds of Prey and going to a new series? I like having her on the team, but is she leaving?

    1. I believe she's leaving. She'll be involved with the "Rot World" cross over in Swamp Thing. Look up the cover to the 13th issue.