Wednesday, July 18, 2012

SPOILERS: Batwoman #11

Trying to come to grips as to what exactly just happened, Maro/Sune/Whothehellever explains to Batwoman just watch happened. You see, Maro made a power play, he never quite liked Falchion, so he, a self proclaimed god, pulled some strings, in order to usurp Falchion's position in Medusa under "The Mother." As soon as he finishes up his evil bad guy talk, he commands the Weeping Woman to flood Kate's lungs with water.

Elsewhere, in the hospital, things don't look good for Bette, as Jake tells her that her mother is in the other room discussing organ donation with the doctors. He lays the mask Kate gave her  over her eyes, and tells her it is time to help her self, and wake up. If she does, he promises that he'll teach her everything Kate couldn't, as he again tells her o wake up. Miraculously, Bette's eyes begin to open, as Jake sheds a single tear. Bette's first words out of the coma are "Uncle Jake? Can I keep the mask?"

Whoa, going to the future! 15 minutes from now, Maggie and some other Gotham police make it to the docks, where there's a big disruption under the water taking place. Chase crawls out of the water, and tells Maggie to call off her back up, as it's a DEO/Federal case. Maggie asks what happened, and all Chase can say is "Batwoman... That bitch, she screwed us all."

Snap back 15 minutes, and Maro is about to teleport himself out of the underwater base with all the children, to meet "Mother" but Chase shows up, with another plan... and that is to shoot Maro in the face. Not being one to kill, Kate uses the taser functionality in her gauntlets to stop Chase, causing her bullet to hit Maro's shoulder instead. Maro tells Weeping Woman and Killer Croc to hold them off, as he begins to transform into a white fox/wolf/whatever and jumps into the light, vanishing.

The base begins to flood, as Kate gives Chase a breather, and attempts to get her out of there. In the open water, Killer Croc gives chase. Kate lets Chase go, while she shoots croc with her grappling gun, sending him to the depths below. Kate surfaces under a dock, hearing Chase talk to Maggie, saying that they'll never be able to get the kids back. All Kate can say is "like hell I won't."

The next day, Kate visits Maggie's apartment, and decides to open up, entirely to her. She opens a box that contains photos of her family, including her father, mother and "dead" sister. In return, Maggie shows Kate a picture of her daughter, and tells her that story. Maggie apologizes for keeping something as big from Kate, who doesn't seem to care, as she hugs Maggie, resting in her lap.

Elsewhere, the white fox wolf thing that is Maro, brings the children to Medusa's mother, claiming that Batwoman and her allies killed Falchion. Mother thinks nothing of it, believing Falchion to be weak, as she says soon Batwoman will be devoured.


Well, this was by far my favorite issue of this arc... probably because everything began to come together. One thing that I like about this issue (and the book as a whole) is the fact that the stories really do bleed well into each other. It's a lot like "The Black Mirror" where you had defined arcs, but they were all part of this big story. This issue does a good job of tying up the loose ends, but also setting up where the title will go in the future (IE, you can understand why we're gonna be getting some Wonder Woman next issue).

Trevor McCarthy's art was again, great, but what I want to bring up, is how Pere Perez is the definitive fill in artist. Seriously. I've seen him match styles almost flawlessly to Yanick Paquett, Lee Garbett, Ryan Sook, and now Trevor McCarthy. Very adaptable, which is fantastic for fill in. Could hardly tell which pages he actually did... still can't say for certain, honestly.

Anyways, I really had nothing against this issue... loved every page.


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  1. Ok... judging solely on the serpentine arm of the "Mother"... who else thinks that she will be revealed to be Whisper A'Daire? :P