Wednesday, July 4, 2012

SPOILERS: Batwing #11

Nightwing deals with Long's goons, as Batwing takes the battle with the dragon/man hybrid dude out into the street. Seeing as he's fighting a dragon, David can't do a whole lot, and just stall, while his internet tracer does it's thing. Once the device finishes tracking all the past internet signals, Dick grabs it, David blasts Long with some sonics, then proceeds to catch Dick, as he jumps out the building, and flies both of them away.

As David and Dick are leaving China, David talks to Matu on the other line, who tells him about his family. Turns out, Matu is the estranged son of the African Governor who got blown up last issue. David eventually makes it back to the Haven, as Matu explains that his family's bodies are being permitted to be buried in the land of their birth, a small, walled off country, run by a rather large, blood thirsty tyrant, known as Lord Battle, who was friends with Matu's father. Despite David wanting to accompany Matu on his trip to bury his family, Matu declines, expressing it is something he must do alone.

Matu flies to the small country of Tundi, and is greeted by Lord Battle, and his color guard. Lord Battle walks Matu through his country, praising his father. All the while, Matu senses something is up, and when he's finally left "alone" (he's being watched 24/7) he finally senses it, he smells oil in the air.

Elsewhere, in Uzbekistan, David and Dick have tracked the Chinese scientist;s internet communications to a group of mercs for hire, and eventually find the schematics of what the scientist was working on, and for whom, as the emails trace back to Gotham, leaving David to get Batman involved with the situation.

In the Iceberg Casino, Penguin is settling a matter of organic beef, when he's once again, ever so rudely interrupted by Batman. Penguin laughs off all the possible connections or charges that Batman speaks of, but Bruce eventually gets to the point, and demands to know who Penguin sold a nuclear device to.

Back in Tundi, Matu gets in contact with David, as he's sneaked away from the guards, and is hastily requesting David come to the country, and help. Matu tells David about the oil, who doesn't believe it, seeing as the country isn't known for it's oil exports, which are none. But sure enough, Matu finds an oil field, but is soon shot through the shoulder. Lord Battle appears, picks up the phone, and tells whoever is on the other line to forget what he's learned, and to consider Matu Ba dead. David of course, can't do that, and promises to make Lord Battle pay.


Another fun issue of globe trotting for Batwing, and another issue for Marcus To being awesome. What I've really come to like in these last two issues are the buddy cop pair that is Batwing and Nightwing. You've got David, who is sort of straight laced, never uses contractions in his words, and then you've got Dick, who... well, he's Dick Grayson. It's just a fun, unexpected pairing. Glad he'll be in at least one more issue with #12. The thing that's somewhat off putting about this issue is the fact that it almost feels like it's being a bit rushed, like it's trying to tell two stories at once. The issue is, there's no clear A plot, or B plot. I'm not sure which one is the more important one, it just feels as if the Penguin Nuke story was supposed to be one arc, and the Matu story was supposed to be the next. It makes me a bit concerned, as it feels like Winick is trying to get in as much as he can, and we all know the book isn't lighting up the sales chart sooooooooo... who knows. Knock on wood, that I'm just being paranoid. Nevertheless, fun issue, David and Dick are a great duo, and make it great.


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