Wednesday, July 11, 2012

SPOILERS: Batman and Robin #11

Jason Todd, violent vigilante, but at times, he just wants to relax in his secret safe house, but not tonight, as Damian's left a little crowbar shaped surprise for him, as he mounts his sneak attack. The two "brothers" (using that term very loosely) go at it, with Jason seemingly holding back, not interested in fighting a 10 year old, but Damian holds no punches, going straight for the knock out with Jason. The two trade psychoanalytical jabs at each other and their upbringing, but Damian eventually beats Jason by fighting dirty, taking his mask as a trophy.

Elsewhere, the turrets like talking villain with a batarang stuck through his head, seen with Terminus last issue, sneaks up on a cop, and brands him with a bat symbol... something that is happening across the city, in mass quantities, as Terminus guides Scallop, Bootface, and those three melted together dudes in doing the same. Meeting with Gordon on the roof of GCPD, Bruce and Damian find it clear that someone is trying to send them a message, as they hit the ground running, in an effort to stop the madness.

While most of Gotham's citizens hide in their homes, Batman and Robin clean up the streets, and deliver a large number of branded citizens to the hospital. As Terminus watches on, whatever substance he used to keep his body from falling apart is wearing off. Initiating the final part of his plan, he puts a weird substance bullet into a special gun, turns it to his chest, and fires.

As day break comes, Bruce and Damian aren't finished, as Damian picks up a bunch of satellite movement in a nearby city square. As they get to the location, many remote explosions start going off on all the buildings, in the shapes of bats. Bruce yells out for whoever is responsible to leave the city alone, and come after him, but gets no response for a while, until a jacked up Terminus in a special suit comes out of nowhere, crushing the Dynamic Duo.


This story arc seems conflicted... One one hand there's the Robin thing, on the other there's Terminus... neither of which have anything to do with each other. The Terminus story is obviously the more important one, but we've yet to actually see what he's all about. I assume it's being saved for next issue, but assuming #12 is the end of the arc, I'm left wondering if it's too late. I think the problem is, the Robin fighting story is taking away space and time that could be used to flesh out Terminus earlier. Having two issues of him, and knowing barely anything makes it hard to care about him at all, which is an issue if you're going to start to create new bad guys. I feel like the Robin story should have been saved for something like an annual, while the main story gets fleshed out, because right now, this issue just feels like it doesn't know what story it wants to be telling.

That being said, I found enjoyment in the issue. The Jason fight was probably the highlight, there were a few good comedic beats, the only thing I flat out didn't like was Batman yelling in the middle of an empty street "LEAVE MY CITY ALONE!" Seemed kind of out of character for him. Oh... just remembered something I hate, well more a pet peeve. I can't stand when you have characters introduced and don't learn their name. Fucking hate that. I should have mentioned it last issue with that group of characters, but I forgot. Here we learn two characters names, but are left wondering about the others. Just say their name ONCE! That's all you need. Ugh. Whatever.



  1. i'm going all in with the theory of dick, jason and tim making a truce and taking down damian, showing him the importance of "teamwork"...

    If that's not it, i'll be pleased, because it looks like it's going in that direction.

  2. Personally I hope he goes after Dick and badly hurts him, then covers up his intentions, since he's only got what, two friends in the whole world?
    I'd love to see Damien torn up about that, including other people telling him it's an accident and nobody blames him or something :]