Monday, July 2, 2012

SPOILERS: Ame-Comi Batgirl #3

Batgirl is in a jam, with spikes, water, and lord knows what else, filling the death trap Duela Dent left her in... but lucky for Babs, she came equip with a special hidden tech from Natasha Irons, aka Steel, a hidden wire, able to cut a hole through glass, that was weaved into her hair. Babs manages to get out of the trap, and briefly look around, what she deduces to be a space ship, trying to figure out just why Duela has one.

Elsewhere, Robin manages to find Steel, working away in her house. Natasha obviously doesn't think much of Carrie, feeling as if she's wasting her time, and Babs can take care of herself, but when Carrie points out to Natasha that Babs seems to be on an alien spaceship, which she can't see in the sky, it piques her interest.

Exploring deeper into the ship, Babs notices multiple monitors, some featuring Supergirl and Power Girl, as well as other alien worlds getting attacked by what seemed to be a bright light. Babs pulls out her camera to record all she can, in an effort to to get all the footage to Steel, but is soon interrupted by Duela and her gang.


So, that's it for the Batgirl series. Overall, it was a fun ride, not over though. This series has some key factors going for it, and it just being plain, enjoyable fun is the main feature. It's nothing too big or dramatic, just quick, to the point, light hearted, fun. I felt the very ending of it sort of fell flat though, I know it'll be continued in Duela Dent #1 next week, but to just end the Batgirl series on the "bad guys show up" note, felt a little lack luster. Oh well, like I said about a billion times before, this series and concept is fun, and that's what matters.


**Note: I don't know if I'll cover the next Duela Dent series, or any other Ame-Comi series, I'll for sure take a look at it when it gets to the full on-going series, so just don't be expecting anything for sure next Monday**

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