Monday, July 2, 2012

Rumor: Ann Nocenti Writing Catwoman?

Quick and dirty post, coming up!

Bleeding Cool basically has a rumor that Ann Nocenti will possibly be taking over Catwoman, presumably with issue #13. Yep, that's about it. Also listed is JH Williams III, for some reason, which I highly doubt has anything to do with the book, simply because 1. Williams has talked about the next few Batwoman arcs being planned out on Twitter, and 2. He isn't an artists who just randomly jumps from book to book.

I don't really have time to sum up any thoughts... I like Judd Winick's Catwoman, that's pretty much it. I will say that I haven't exactly seen any rave reviews for Nocenti's Green Arrow, not that I've been looking, but the fact that I haven't heard anything may be a testament to the book, in a bad, generic way. Who knows.

(Source: Bleeding Cool)


  1. I wouldn't call Nocenti's Green Arrow generic, but I wouldn't call it good either. It's just... weird.

    I hope if Nocenti does take over Catwoman, Selina gets to bang triplets in her first issue like Ollie did. It's only fair.

    1. yeah, I didn't mean generic in it's usual sense, just in a sense that no one really is talking about it, so it seems as if, from the outside, there's nothing notable about it.

  2. I really loved Trail of the Gun, so I think she can do good things for Selina. Catwoman hasn't been written by a woman since Devin Grayson, so it will be nice to see what a female writer can do with her.