Friday, July 6, 2012

Outside of Gotham, July 6th, 2012

Well, this is going to be somewhat short post, simply because I feel like this book is starting to fall victim to the faults I felt Huntress contained... well anyways.

So, Huntress fights off Hakkou, eventually getting him under a coolant line, spilling it over him, essentially overloading him with radiation, causing him to retreat. Helena gets Karen up out of the wreckage, and give chase to the Irradiated Man.

As do those who get them
Flashback to 45 months ago, with Helena and Karen in London, going over the differences in their earths again. Helena is avoiding Gotham, even noticing that the Batman on this Earth has a Robin. Karen doesn't seem to care about this Earth's Superman, seeing that she's focused on getting home more than anything. Some jabs here and there, some allusions to Karen begin a flirt, and we move on to her studying alone, trying to figure out how to obtain the tech to get home. Seeing a business magazine, she gets an idea, and months later (two years before this story) she's the head of Starr industries, and we see her come up with the plan to get close to Mr. Terrific, in order to get access to his dimensional tech.

Back in the present, flying towards downtown Tokyo, Karen suddenly drops Helena in a nearby tree, so she can stop a plane from crashing (see: cover). When she finally gets back to Helena, she's pointed to the horizon, where they both see Hakkou has gone full on Godzilla, and is terrorizing Tokyo. So, of course they go into the city to defend it. Helena focuses on saving people, while Karen manages to trip up the big ass nuke man, and hits him so hard he lands in Tokyo bay. The girls look at each other and ask if either of them have an idea of what to do next, and nope!


Okay, so, I enjoyed this just fine. That said, the story is traveling at a snail's pace. Nothing is really happening in the present day, other than one long fight. Meanwhile, in the past, nothing really notable is happening there either, it's just establishing that they're on a different earth, they talk about how it's different, and here we find out Karen went specifically after Mr. Terrfic for his tech... which we knew. Levitz seems to be focusing on the duo's personalities more than actually advancing the story, and like I said in the intro, it's getting dangerously close to repeating what I'd feared it would, and that's the repetitive nature of the same shit happens every issue that Huntress took part in. The fact that the book literally ends on a scene that happened earlier in the book (Hakkou flying/being hit far away) then is followed up with "Uuuuh... what now?" "Well shit, I don't know?" is pretty telling of my concerns with this book.

All that being said, the art on this book is pretty great. You've got to admire the amount of detail George Perez puts into everything. Kevin Maguire on the other hand has a really great example of visual story telling, where it's two pages with ten panels, all pretty much the same, except facial expressions are the only thing to change from one panel to the next, and it works, and the 20 facial expressions convey everything that you need to get out of that scene.

Hopefully after the #0 issue, this book gets past the establishment phase and just gets to the point, so to speak.


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