Friday, July 27, 2012

Outside of Gotham, July 27th, 2012

The Court of Owls may not be showing up in Batman for a while, but the war between them and the Crime Bible keeps raging on in All Star Western, meanwhile some Wonder Girl happenings are going down in Teen Titans.

All Star Western #11

In this week's issue of All Star Western, while Arkham reads up on the Court of Owls and Religion of Crime, Hex and Tallulah go after Crime Bible member Lucius Bennett. Before Tallulah is able to enact her revenge, she gets a blade to the leg, as that era's Talon shows up, dropping a smoke bomb, and taking Bennett away, where she'd later hang him from one of Gotham's bridges. As the Court planned last issue, they intended Hex and company to take the fall, and the Religion of Crime sect in Gotham (featuring a thief by the name of Lorna Kyle, who has an thing for cats) takes the bait, proclaiming its time for Hex, Tallulah and Arkham to die. They use their connections to have to police arrest the trio to Slaughter Swamp. Tied up and drugged, the first one of them to wake up, while being strung up in a basement next to a giant steam... machine... thing (which is going to be used to torture them once the other members arrived) is Tallulah, who manages to get herself free. When the other members of the Crime Bible sect arrive, they find Tallulah missing, with Hex recommending they start praying to their bible.

I loved this issue... mainly for one thing, Lorna Kyle. I love that shit. Loved it in Gates of Gotham, expanding the Cobblepot and Elliot family, and I love it here... even though Justin Gray did mention that Tallulah would fuck Lorna up next issue. Aside from that, I feel as if the Court of Owls vs. Religion of Crime makes too much sense. I wish it could be really expanded upon, especially in the present... Pst... Hey James Tynion... how about Calvin Rose finds some allies in his rebellion against the Court, only to find they're Crime Bible followers? Just saying... This arc has also been my first introduction to Tallulah Black, and I've got to say, she's awesome, I can't wait until next issue.


Teen Titans #11

Teen Titans didn't really feature a lot of Tim Drake, which is the main reason I even mention it on this site, so yeah... Anyways, Bunker thinking that Tim was breaking up the team, when to look for some new potential members on the non-copyrighted craigslist equivalent. Didn't turn out well, as he started attacking the team, only to have Wonder Girl, who had spikes of her armer coming from her skin, to go a bit nuts, and get rid of him easily. In the calm after that fight, while Bunker, Kid Flash and Solstice are cleaning up (well, only Solstice) the power in the tower goes out, and when they investigate, they're confronted by a monstrous Wonder Girl who takes them all out. Having been away from the apartment, both Tim and Superboy show up to find Wonder Girl completely taken over by her armor, begging for help, with the rest of the team at her feet.

This title is losing me. I don't know. I didn't find anything wrong with this issue, but nothing wowed me... Even on issues I like, I feel myself caring less and less about the book. I was a little burnt out by the end of the NOWHERE story, and what's going on here, just doesn't interest me. Whatever happened to that last issue Amanda Waller tease? I'd rather read that! Also, for some reason, thought bubbles have been popping up more and more in this book... I kind of hate them. I feel as if caption boxes do the same thing, and generally look better. Just kind of a pet peeve with me. I don't know... just didn't feel this issue. Oh, I forgot to mention, there was a "back up" (I use the term loosely, because it's not as if the book got extra pages) about Kid Flash and some dino people that came back from the island they were on, apparently it's getting continued in the next issue and the 12th issue of DC Universe Presents... didn't care about that either.


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