Friday, July 13, 2012

Outside of Gotham, July 13th, 2012

Only one book in the "Outside" feature this week, and that being Suicide Squad #11. Hit the jump to get caught up on Task Force X's exploits.

Soooooo, Amanda Waller knows there is a traitor on the team, as she interrogates some of the members (we see it being done to El Diablo). Though she knows one of her agents has gone bad(er), she still needs them out in the field, and sends them on a mission to hit Basilisk where it hurts, adding some more members to the team for extra support. Well, one of those added members is also a Basilisk infiltrator, and blows their neck bomb while on the plane, causing everyone but the Squad to die, as those who actually matter fall into the ocean, washing up on a mysterious beach.

Losing contact with her team, Waller is a bit pissed, as her boss calls in, ordering to do a sweep for the prisoners, then start over. Meanwhile, on the island, the Squad is met by the natives, a lost tribe of Mayans, who have remained untouched by civilization, and welcome the group into their home to feast and what not. Deadshot tries to get everyone to get going, but the rest of the team are comfortable and feel as if Waller will never find them. This turns into a fight amongst the team of "WELL MAYBE YOU'RE THE TRAITOR!" sort of stuff, until they all pass out, except Deadshot, who is knocked out.

The Deadshot finally wakes up, greeted by the rest of the Squad, informing him that their hosts seemingly still practice human sacrifice, as King Shark and El Diablo are just about to be offed.


Yeah, so... alright issue. The problem I had with it was that it just sort of felt like a waste of time. It didn't feel like one of those "breather" issues, where you're given time to relax and just have fun character moments, something like Teen Titans #10, where you just have this one and done issue, then move to the next story. Here the whole Mayan thing... I don't know, I just don't care. I have a good idea of who the traitor in the group is, but this really didn't do anything to push it forward, and I have a feeling it's just going to be left to a page turn then a "HA-HA! I am the traitor!" sort of reveal. All my thoughts on the story aside, there was fill in art too. I thought it looked alright to start off with, but as it went on, it looked like it degraded a bit. I mean, look at the picture of Waller I have up, then the header, which was from the second to last page, mainly Deadshot's face... case and point.



  1. this series got off to a good start despite my misgivings about the lack of classic Suicide Squad from the old DCU on the team. but it's been in serious decline in the last couple months with no sign of improvement as far as the writing going in the right direction. Harley being on this team is the only thing keeping this title on life support.

  2. Yeah another empty issue full of cliche and predictable plot. 2/5 is fair (generous).