Friday, July 6, 2012

Official: Ann Nocenti Writing Catwoman

Add another notch to Bleeding Cool's credit... Ann Nocenti will begin writing Catwoman with issue #0. She did a lengthy interview with CBR, but there's something that sent up a red flag: there's probably not an artist attached to this book at the moment... Read this:
Are you going to be working with Guillem March, the artist who has been doing the ongoing series, or is "Green Arrow" artist Harvey Tolibao or a completely new artist going to be joining you on the title?
I like the artists who have been on "Catwoman" so I'd be happy if either of them took it over, I think they matched the exciting pacing, and I think she was cute, which is important!
First of all, CBR... do your research, because it's not like you have a story about Guillem March being on Talon. Second of all, that non answer pretty much translates to "I don't know who's drawing it." As noted before, Rafa Sandoval probably isn't drawing it, so lord only knows. This interview may have been conducted earlier, so an artist could have been attached by now, hopefully we get an answer on Monday with solicits, or potentially DC will make a note of it on their blog today.

...I really hope Harvey Tolibao doesn't come over, not a fan.

(Source: CBR)

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  1. I wish Judd were staying put, but I'm open to what Ann has in store. Her Trail of the Gun miniseries was good.