Friday, July 13, 2012

JH Williams III is NOT Leaving Batwoman

So, DC barely had any announcements yesterday that you couldn't find in interviews or solicitations, but they have a pretty big one, that being new six issue Sandman series by Neil Gaiman and JH Williams III. Now, that's pretty awesome, but the concern with that announcement was for me and some others was, "what happens to Batwoman?" Well, concerns didn't last too long, as simply stated on JH's blog:
"but I'm not leaving Batwoman either"
And there you have it. Given the structure of how JH does art on Batwoman (one arc on, one arc off) one would probably be correct to assume we'd have another guest artist after the Wonder Woman arc starting in #12. Now, there's no official word on this, but I vaguely remember hearing that JH's next arc would last til #16. Add the #0 issue in there, and we'd probably have some JH art on Batwoman til January.

At that point, there would be another artist following him, while he works on Sandman, which is supposed to launch around this time next year (my guess is June, seeing as it would end in November, the 25 year anniversary of Sandman #1). So with that in mind, who knows how long it will be until JH returns to art duties on Batwoman after the next arc, but at least he's not going anywhere.

(Source: JH Williams III blog)

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