Wednesday, June 20, 2012

SPOILERS: Red Hood and the Outlaws #10

As Roy and Kori sleep in the same bed, a large, clearly not human, sneaks up on them. Outside, Jason is on a date with the flight attendant he met, Isabel. Clearly, he has to lie about a bunch of stuff, and as they get to her hotel, he does the awkward forever alone thing of thinking "well, here's your hotel... bye!" But Isabel has other plans, as she leans in for a kiss, that is promptly interrupted by a falling alien.

Jason quickly dawns his mask, and with out question starts shooting at the Alien, as Isabel realizes Jason probably doesn't own a dry cleaners chain. Before anything more can happen, Kori floats down the ground, berating the alien named Orn for placing his hands on her. The alien bows down to her, asking forgiveness, as Kori grants it, and hugs him.

Turns out, Kori is the leader of this great alien ship, and Orn is a member of it. There is some big issue, and the crew need her back immediately. Both Jason and Roy are opposed to this, but Kori agrees to go with Orn. Both Jason and Roy refuse to let her go alone, so Kori does the natural thing to do, and just transports them with her.

All of them land on Kori's ship, the Starfire, as Kori follows Orn deeper in, Roy and Jason are left in awe at what's happening around them. Roy then asks Jason what the girl he was with's name is. "Isabel... she's right behind me?"Yep, to Roy's amusement, Jason's date got warped along with them, and is at this point, is not so understanding about the lies Jason had to tell.

On the deck, Kori is greeted by her loyal crew, followed by Jason, demanding Isabel be sent back, a task which cannot be done safely with out the ship being properly docked. Kori is informed by her second in command that a race known as the Blight has invaded Tamara, but since taking out all the communications, they've done nothing else, almost as they've been waiting, most likely for Kori.

Right on cue, the ship becomes surrounded by Blight ships. Kori sends out a beacon, telling them to stand down, and they'll live, but if they don't and battle begins, she'll consider her offer of life off the table.


So, there's a back up of sorts, featuring Essence. Remember her? She's tracking down the Untitled, who have come across this object known as The Life Hammer, and end up killing that cop who we thought to be an Untitled in Colorado. Essence does something to her, to presumably bring her back to life... or something, following the Untitled dude into the desert, but he ends up finding her first... yeah I don't know.

So, anyways... my biggest problem of the issue was the back up, it just sort of took away from what I really wanted to see, and that was the Outlaws in space. We got the humor and fun that you've come to expect in the main feature, but it was a brief affair, and that stuff has quite honestly become par for the course, it's what is to be expected, in my opinion. But the Untitled stuff, and Essence... eh. There was no indication of when this was happening, I presume it was before the whole series started, but some dialogue makes it seem differently. I'm now completely confused as to who the cop Jason fought in Colorado was/is. I thought that was an Untitled, but apparently not? Something Essence created.... I don't know. The Untitled stuff is just not that clear to me, and I'd rather just have Kori being a space badass, I don't really want the Untitled stuff at the moment. It seems like it wasn't the last of the back up, which may be a way to give Rocafort some more time to prep for Superman, as he draws less of Red Hood, which would suck. Hopefully that's not the case.


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