Wednesday, June 20, 2012

SPOILERS: Nightwing #10

Nightwing is patrolling an area of Gotham known as Old Gotham, and let's just say it isn't known for it's "class." He's investigating the murder of two brothers who were seemingly killed with his escrima sticks while he was on the road with Haly's. Inside their apartment, he instantly notices a symbol that looks like an A within an Omega symbol. Dick doesn't have much more time to investigate, as the GCPD throw a flash bang in, and attempt to capture Nightwing.
While fighting off his would be capturers, Dick gets a call from Lucius Fox, but instead of telling him hell call back later, he takes the call, because that's how badass he is. Lucius gets down to business, asking Dick if he's thought about asking Bruce for money to fund a project he's planning. Dick tells Lucius that he's thought about it, but would rather avoid it. As Dick escapes and gets back to his secret base within his apartment, Lucius tells him that there's only one bank that would even think about funding it, asking him how he'd feel about working with Tony Zucco's daughter.

Outside the apartment, James Gordon angrily finds a young Detective Nie, demanding to know what he was doing in shooting up an entire apartment building. Nie tells him a witness saw Nightwing, but Gordon corrects him by saying he's simply a person of interest. Nie brings up the apparent murder weapons, but Gordon asks "are you sure this time?" Something that Nie takes offense to, daring Gordon to pull him off the case or else he'll sue, as he leaves.

Later, Gordon mets with Deputy Mayor Kavanaugh, as he explains the situation with Nie to him. Years ago Nie was believed to have stolen a batarang from evidence, and inflicted wounds on a postmortem body in an effort to frame Batman for murder, but after being suspended Internal Affairs was unable to prove anything, and he had to be put back on the force, at the risk of the GCPD being sued. Kavanaugh, having been saved by Nightwing during the Night of the Owls, asks Gordon what his office can do to help. This takes Gordon back by surprise, as Mayor Hady has been so against "Bats" in his city, but Kavanaugh reassures him not to worry about Hady as "one way or another, things are about to change in Gotham."

The next day, Dick meets with Sonia, who if you remember from The Black Mirror, owns an independent bank in Gotham, and in true to form Dick Grayson nature, despite the obvious awkward notions of their meeting, he can't help but think "and she's cute." Anyways, Dick explains to Sonia that thinking about his place in the future of Gotham, he wants to create a place of hope for the people of the city, pointing to the old run down Amusement Mile. He intends to revitalizes it, and make it a bright place of fun for Gotham's citizens. Even Sonia asks why he isn't asking for money from Bruce, but Dick tells her she should know the importance of carving out one's own path. Sonia is definitely interested, but asks Dick if he has a centerpiece in mind for the park.

Cut to: Dick meeting with Jimmy the Clown, as Haly's Circus is still in Gotham. Dick is proposing that Haly's become a permanent attraction of Gotham, and wants Jimmy to see how th erest of the people at the circus would feel about it. Jimmy isn't too optimistic due to the drama that has surrounded the circus, but agrees to ask around anyways.

Later that night, Nightwing makes an appearance at a tattoo parlor near the two murdered brothers' apartment. Having been clients of Zeke, Dick asks him if he knows anything about the symbol he found in his apartment. Zeke doesn't know anything, but he says that a Detective named Nie had been in earlier asking. Dick notices hears some noises from outside the window, and once again, a building he is in is being shot up again, but this time, by people in some pretty fancy costumes. It doesn't take too much for Dick to take them down, and string them up elsewhere, interrogating them as to who they are. The first two are pretty headstrong, claiming Nightwing to be a murderer, but the third, sheepish looking one… well, all it takes is some swinging through out the streets of Gotham for Dick to get everything out of him. They're part of a group known as the Republic of Tomorrow, and they're stationed in the clock tower.

Dick makes his way to said clock tower, and sure enough, there's a whole army of these Republic of Tomorrow guys. As their leader preaches to them, he walks through the building, eventually spotting Nightwing in the rafters. Using some sort of energy weapon, he manages to knock Dick out of the rafters, and introduces himself as Paragon, the "True son of Gotham" proclaiming the future of Gotham is dependent on Nigthwing's death.


So, first thing is first, aside from the murder weapon subplot from #5, this really felt as if it was a new volume #1 issue. Perfect jumping on point, and you can really tell the book is about to take off now that it isn't confided to tying into the Court of Owls stuff. It really was a great issue. Higgins is really upping the books supporting cast, with Sonia Zucco being key for me, as I thought she was a character that had so much potential when she was introduced, so I'm very glad to see her back now. Going through this issue again I thought "How could I have been so stupid to not figure out Nie is probably part of the Republic?" but now I'm still thinking that may be too easy… regardless, that's another supporting character added, along with the Deputy Mayor. It's really great to see this book be setting its roots down in Gotham now, I mean, as Nightwing, when was the last time that happened for Dick Grayson? I mean, later in the last volume post-Infinite Crisis, he was in Gotham for a bit, but it was more of a "he's just there" sort of thing, not that a "he's taking place in the city" sort of thing. Anyways, I'm glad it's happening now. There was nothing in the issue that I had anything to complain about sooooo…


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