Thursday, June 28, 2012

SPOILERS: Legends of the Dark Knight #4

Reason #3,432 why you shouldn't run around Gotham wearing hockey pads, Killer Croc will eat your head, while laughs are heard in the distance. That's exactly what happens to yet another fool dressed up in a home made Batman costume, as Harvey Bullock and some other GCPD members find the body. Turns out, many of Gotham's social elite are dressing up like the Bat, and getting themselves killed. The cops are stumped, and even Batman himself is stumped, watching on from a nearby rooftop.

As Batman continues his nightly patrol, he ponders over the case. No drugs of any kind have been found in any of the victim's systems, so it makes it even stranger that they'd be putting themselves in danger under sound mind. Meanwhile, the media is having a field day with the event, bringing up the question, is Batman more harmful to Gotham, than helpful?

In the GCPD, James Gordon speaks with another detective about Batman. He admits he hates relying on him, but Batman is their best bet, as it's not like they can put a tail on every high class Gotham resident... so, as always, he has to hope for the best out of Batman.

Elsewhere, in Wayne Tower, Bruce Wayne finishes a meeting with a charity representative named Brian Ahearne. As Brian leaves, Bruce tells him to stay safe, something with Brian brushes off, feeling he's in no real danger.

At the Morgue/GCPD, the only progress the police have made on the case is figuring out the fact that all the victims disappeared during a normal work day and then turned up, having joined the "Batman fan club."

As Brian walks down the three blocks needed to get home, someone asks him "Exuuuuuuse me," from the inside of a car. He turns around, and sees the Joker, beckoning him to get in, as he's got a proposition to make, asking Brian if he'd like to take a bite out of crime in Gotham.


So, this was a really good issue. What really stood out was Ben Templesmith's art, just fantastic watercolor look. May actually be watercolor, hell I can't tell now a days with digital. The story itself is a three parter, so I can't really comment on it with any finality, but it's rather entertaining. Has some of that Impostors feel to it, but I'm rather interested to see how Joker is getting these people to dress up like the Bat. Anyways, I've got to cut this short, I'm running dangerously close to delaying some plans for today, so I'll have a final review when the third issue of this arc comes out in two weeks. As of now, it was fun, two thumbs up, drop the $0.99 to read it.


  1. I use actual watercolour! I' old school like that. & I do probably less computer colouring than most traditional comics. & I do it *all* myself. Thanks for the review man!


    1. Thanks for the clarification. That's awesome, I think water color can really add a greatly unique look to books when it's used, so I'm glad it was legit! haha.