Thursday, June 21, 2012

SPOILERS: Legends of the Dark Knight #3

Batman sits alone at the computer in the Batcave, looking over recent purchases of a recently fired Aquarium worker. Shotgun, ski mask, gloves... all bought with the same credit card. As he gets up to leave the cave, all he he can say is: "Idiot."

Later, Bruce finds the man in his bed with his wife, waking him up by covering his mouth, and bringing him to the roof. Confused and scared, the man becomes even more startled when he gets a tap on the shoulder from Robin. Tim laughs, joking that he is the one that should be feared. Bruce gets down to business, asking if Tim found it, "it" being the shotgun the man bought. Tim was successful, found it above the cabinets, so his daughter couldn't find it. As expected, no shells.

The man asks what's going on, as Bruce explains that they're on to him. He was recently fired, has a sick daughter, and intends to rob the Aquarium to steal some rare fish to sell. Bruce points out how stupid his plan is to begin with, based on the fact that he's using his keycard. Then, as Bruce continues, he points out two possible scenarios of how the robbery would go down. The first, it's stopped by him, and the man ends up doing time, leaving his daughter fatherless for three to five years. The second, because he didn't intend to hurt anyone, he didn't buy any shells, but he didn't factor in the fact that the Aquarium security guard is a highly unstable ex-cop who got fired for excessive force and illegally discharging his weapon multiple times, and would most likely shoot the would be robber on sight.

Before the Dynamic Duo up and leave, they tell him to do the right thing, return the gun the next day. The man asks why they did this, Bruce tells him that the city has too many criminals already, while Tim  expands saying "prevention better than the cure." Looking up to Bruce, the man asks what he should do about his daughter, Bruce can only say "Work it out." Then, as they swing away, he asks a final question... how to get down. "Work it out," says Tim.


This was a nice little story, much in line with the first issue of this digital series, quick, to the point, had a clear message. Also ended on somewhat of a dickish note as well, with both Batman and Robin just sort of blowing the guy off. Nicola Scott's art was on point this issue. Prior to recently, I hadn't been a fan of how Scott drew characters with cowls... their actual ears stuck out too much, which made the cowls look soft, rather than crazy fictional kevlar weave or whatever the hell they're supposed to be. Not the case here, so my nitpicky nature didn't come in to play. It was also fun to see Tim in his original Robin get up. Overall, I think this was my favorite issue of the series so far.

EDIT: This is actually a thought that I came up with after the fact, this series, specifically this issue, remind me of Batman: The Animated Series. Remember how not every single episode was based around a rouge, and would sometimes focus on much more smaller, personal stories? That's what this issue felt like, and that's never a bad thing.


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