Thursday, June 14, 2012

SPOILERS: Legends of the Dark Knight #2

So, Batman is drifting through space. The cowl lens and the pressure seal on the rebreather are keeping him alive. He attempts to use the teleporter controls to get back into the League satellite, but frozen condensation causes it to slip out of his hand, drifting away. But how'd he get in space to begin with? That's the question.

While on solo guard duty in the tower, Batman hears the teleporter activate, but no one is there. Thinking there might be an attack, he begins to trace something on the window, and sure enough, Amazo appears, having used a glitch in the system making the League's teleporter think he's one of the JLA members.

Bruce stuggles to activate the satellite's anti-Amazo protocols, but Amazo is too quick, and ends up cornering Bruce in an airlock, which he opens, thinking he just sent Batman to his death. Amazo then uses Martian Manhunter's voice to try and get info on each League member, so he can take them out one by one. Before he does, an arrow hits him in the back, causing him to look around. Then, (because the heat was raised by Bruce) the words "think again" appear on the condensation on the glass. Amazo tries to zap them away, but they remain.

Amazo goes on a search for whoever is taunting him, and because the heat has been raised to exactly Bruce's body temperature, his heat signature is masked, so he stands behind one of the Batman statues, amongst the other League members, to hide from the Xray view.

Somehow Bruce gets back on to the teleporter platform, and is found by Amazo. But knowing how to "defeat speedsters" apparently any speedster will stop what they're doing just to listen to you, so Bruce literally stops Amazo's attack by telling him how he got back into the satellite... Shark repellant... he used it to propel him back to his teleporter controls, which he now uses to split Amazo up into multiple pieces and spread him through out the world.

In the end, Bruce asked himself why he didn't call the League for help, and it's basically because he might have wanted to prove to himself that the powerless one could take all the League members down.


Eh. I wasn't feeling this one too much. It just relied on that old "I have no powers, but I can still win" crutch that Batman writers sometimes use. It can be done well, like in Morrison's first arc of JLA, but here it just felt unoriginal. And I'm sorry, you stop Amazo, the all powerful android, by talking to him, so he can hear you out about how you got back in? That's like watching Power Rangers, where the big giant monster didn't bother to do anything for the good five minutes it took for all the robots to form the megazoid or whatever it was called. Eh... I just didn't like this one.

The one positive of it was by far J.G. Jones' art, which looked pretty awesome. Quite the talent to get on this little digital one shot.

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