Thursday, June 7, 2012

SPOILERS: Legends of the Dark Knight #1

*Note: This is out of continuity* So, here we have Bruce, a year into his Batman career, thinking to himself on how one must adapt to the scum in the city, while he runs across the rain soaked rooftops. On patrol, he eventually comes across an alley, with a man mugging a father and mother with their young son. Bruce sees this, then jumps down yelling "not again!"

Bruce corners the thug to the wall, telling him how bad he's about to be hurt, but to repeat to himself, "No families. No kids." The thug looks back and tells him "That ain't no kid, you idiot" just as said "kid" (may be a little person?) strikes Bruce with a lead pipe. All four of them start beating up on him, as Bruce figures out it was trap especially set for him, but struggles to figure out who could have set it. Then it hits him.

Flash back to some time prior where a "drunk" Bruce (he might be drunk, he might be faking it) is talking to Alfred about how despite he having no powers or flashy green rings, he doesn't have any vulnerabilities. Alfred's silence leads Bruce to believe he thinks otherwise, and bets Alfred a dollar he can't name one vulnerability at that moment. Alfred refuses, and leaves the room.

Just as the beating is getting bad, a voice from the alley tells them it's enough, as the thugs leave. Alfred approaches Bruce, takes a dollar from his belt, and asks "Everyone has a vulnerability, yes?" Bruce pauses before he agrees.

Alfred picks up Bruce, suggesting he draws a hot bath from him.


So, this was a good start to this digital series. Nice little short, yet concise story. Jeff Lemire isn't exactly an artist that screams "Batman" to me, but his art here fits the mood, and I enjoyed it quite a bit, as there were some very striking panels/pages. If there was one thing I didn't like, the lesson that Alfred gives... kind of a little fucked up. But oh well.


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