Wednesday, June 20, 2012

SPOILERS: Catwoman #10

In the GCPD, Detective Alvarez is receiving some gossip from one of the receptionists, who tells him that she saw all the dirty cops from early in the series pulling and copying all the files they had on Catwoman, meaning that they were probably intended for someone.

Meanwhile, late one night in Gotham, the big fiend Dollhouse is attempting on abducting another prostitute/junky, but is interrupted by Selina, who had been looking for Dollhouse for weeks. Dollhouse is once again, very well armed, as the fiend breaks out an AK47, causing Selina to duck for cover. Spark shows up just in time with a stolen sports car, getting Selina to jump in as they make their escape, something Selina isn't too pleased with.

When they're out of harm's reach, Selina tells Spark she's going back, but Spark tries to stop her, demanding to know why she has to be the one to save all the prostitutes and junkies. Selina bursts out in tears saying she was taken as child, and that no one helped, no one came for her. There's a brief moment of silence before Spark goes into kiss Selina, as she eventually embraces him.

Elsewhere, Dollhouse has the newest capture set up in a clean, simple, doll like room. Through an intercom, he tells the junkie that all he's interested in is cleaning him up, as he looks upon numerous screens, all with people trapped in rooms. He tells his new victim that he'll be giving medications for withdrawal, and food for strength and help... What he doesn't tell him is that Dollhouse intends to clean up his victims in order to sell their organs on the black market, then use their bodies as propped up dolls in his freaky little dollhouse... yeah, creepy.

Elsewhere, Selina is training and turning down every job offer her fence, Gwen throws at her. Gwen starts to get a little pissed with Selina, pointing out that it was Selina who came to her, asking to be taken care of and looked after, even if she didn't want to. Gwen continues to say that she believes Selina is falling into her old habits, and working alone as Catwoman. Selina tells her friend not to worry, as she's got a plan.

Later that night, Detective Alvarez comes home to his apartment, with Selina waiting in it, as she says "I understand you've been looking for me."

Elsewhere, the four dirty cops that are trying to find the money Catwoman stole from them are meeting with their informant. The informant tells them that he doesn't know what she did with the money, could have ditched it, or handed it over to Batman. At the possible involvement of Batman, many of the cops get worried, as one tells the informant just to kill her already. The informant refuses, saying if they kill her now, they'll lose everything. He needs time, as he's getting close... how close? Spark close... DUN-DUN-DUUUUUUN.


So, this was another solid issue. Nothing really elevated it above any other issue this week though. There are some interesting developments taking place, mainly with Spark not being who he says he is, and I still can't figure out what the angle Selina is working with the detective. Dollhouse is super creepy, but I kind of wish he had more to his gimmick other than just selling organs... that just kind of falls flat, somewhat boring for my taste. Oh well. Like I said, good issue, nothing fantastic.



  1. Why do I get the feeling that Dollhouse ties into the Dollmaker guy from the first arc of Detective Comics?

  2. I liked this issue so much I read it twice in a row. The full-page panel of the "dolls" was especially creepy. Only disappointment was that they appear to be retaining Selina's trashy streetwalker origin.