Wednesday, June 20, 2012

SPOILERS: Birds of Prey #10

Above the Amazon jungle, the Birds are being flown to location unknown, by a bit of a grabby pilot (friend of Starling) in order to rejuvenate Poison Ivy, who was hurt badly dealing with the Talon. Before they know it, a missile is being sent their way, and with a canary cry, Black Canary is able to  blow it up, but at the cost of her and her team falling out of the airplane, to the jungle below.

Getting their shit together on the ground, Ev and Katana decide to go after the helicopter, to try and see if the pilot is still alive. While trying to see if they can get Ivy out of her containment chamber, Babs asks if Dinah is alright, as life has been a bit stressful, flashing back to a brief confrontation with Batman, who gives Dinah shit for trusting Ivy.

Ev and Katana find the pilot, alive, in the helicopter. As Ev drags him out of the wreckage, he regrets helping her, with Ev telling them they're even, because she didn't expect him to be hitting on all of them the entire trip. Ev continues to search through the wreckage, having Katana tearing open a compartment that holds hundreds of gallons of pure, liquid cocaine, something that none of the other Birds knew about. Katana gets pissed, as the fact that they were being flown by a drug dealer, may have been the reason they were attacked, but Ev points out that if they light the coke on fire, and another missile is shot, the heat seeking abilities of the missile will go straight for the fire. A good plan, but as a creepy looking hand touches Ev, shit begins to go bad.

Back at Dinah and Babs' location, they get Ivy out of the containment pod, as Babs even begins to question going to these lengths to help Ivy. Dinah points out that it was her who once told her about redemption, and wonders why the same can't be applied for Ivy... buuuuut PLANT MONSTERS!

Ev and Katana are attacked by the same plant monsters, as they try and get the pilot out. Another missile is fired, and sure enough, it heads straight for the fire, meaning Ev and Katana have even less time to bail. As Dinah and Babs attempt to flee with Ivy, Dinah is seemingly stung on the net, but continues on, eventually meeting with her other teammates.

The Birds end up coming across a canyon, with with Babs' zip line being snapped by one of the monsters, they don't have a whole lot of options. As her team fights off the monsters, Dinah recollects that she has been thinking about her "dead" husband Kurt, for the past few days, and how he used to encourage her to do great things. Remembering her husband's words, Dinah takes the broken rope bridge, and jumps off into the canyon. A few seconds later, with the help of one of the most powerful canary cry's she's ever released, she propels herself up, and to the other end of the canyon, securing the rope bridge for her team to cross. Ev is the last to cross the bridge, leaving a block of C4 for the monsters chasing them, blowing them up after she crosses.

Finding a small shelter at the other end of the bridge, they all get inside as Poison Ivy wakes up, seemingly surprised that Dinah kept her word. Dinah asks if she knows anything about the monsters chasing them, Ivy smirks and tells her she knows all about them.


So yeah, this book is crazy. There are times where I don't really enjoy all the WTF moments that aren't really explained, but this... yeah man, whatever, this was awesome. Missiles, plant monsters, Starling always having C4 on her, apparently. This issue had it all. This really is a fantastic team book, a group of distinct personalities, crazy action, humor, and plot twists here and there (yeah, Ivy ain't exactly innocent looking on the final page). This issue was just plain fun, and I wouldn't have it any other way.


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