Wednesday, June 20, 2012

SPOILERS: Batwoman #10

Batwoman's Story, Now: After Sune steals a little kiss, Kate pushes her off, as one may expect. So, being pushed away, proclaiming if she can't have Kate's heart, she'll take one of another, and impales Falchion with her sword, to Kate's horror.

Maggie's Story, 18 hours ago: Maggie is on the scene of another murdered child, telling James Gordon that no matter what the press says, he knows how hard she's been working on the case, and he won't take her off. Gordon takes off his glasses to rub his eyes, and agrees. He tells Maggie one thing, to pretend the victims are hers, and to find whoever did it. Maggie leaves, climbs up a hill, and makes a phone call. Seems like she may have a daughter elsewhere.

Jacob's Story, 35 hours ago: Bette pulled through. Jacob still remains in her room, saying his wife made him go see her Rabbi, who thinks he has become guilty for all the men he has killed in war, but Jacob tells Bette that it's about his daughters. He tells her a story about a time he had to put down their sick cat, when the girls were young. Beth and Kate reacted differently, Beth cried for days, but Kate did nothing but help her father bury the body. Jacob relates Kate to himself so much, and Beth nothing like him. But despite all that, Jacob confesses to Bette that he realized that he loved Beth more, as he breaks down crying.

Chase's Story, 2 hours ago: Chase, Kate and Sune have come across Killer Croc in the sewers. As they try to subdue him, Croc proclaims he belongs to Medusa, who protects their investment, setting off a bunch of bombs. All but the three main characters die in the blast, shocker... but Kate and Sune manage to find the passage Croc used to escape into Flachion's lair. Chase tells them to go ahead with out her, to take Falchion down.

Kates Story, 28 hours ago: As Batwoman, Kate simply peeks into the room that contains Bette and her Father, before leaving, without anyone knowing she was there.

Maro's Story, 1 week ago: Deep beneath Gotham, Maro talks to Killer Croc about the ancient lizard men of myth. He has Croc partake in a ritual that involves drinking blood of a virgin, which transforms croc into the monstrous form of himself that is seen in the present.

Batwoman's Story: Now: Kate grabs the sword from Sune, telling her she won't allow her to kill Falchion. Sune calls her naïve, pointing out that Falchion is as good as dead anyways, saying it's time she take her place as the true leader of Medusa. Kate points out the obvious that this was never about revenge on her brother, but PLOT TWIST! Sune's body begins to distort and transform, and it turns out she is her brother.


So, I feel as if I'm a broken record, I still don't like this story's format, as it really leaves me wanting more simply because we never have time to really get used to these characters and why we should hate the bad guys. We were thrown right into the fire from issue #6, and there was no real sense of anything building up. That being said, I knew something was going to go down with Sune based on the cover of issue #11, but I wasn't expecting that. I am enjoying these last few issues a tad bit more because everything has escalated with it being wrapped up soon. Finally, Trevor McCarthy's art is fantastic, and really lends itself well to the style and tone that has been set by the book. Said it before, I hope he comes back next time JH Williams needs a break.



  1. Do you think this will read better in trade, or still be as jarring?

  2. well, that is one way to lose your luch, now i am sure hoping Kate tells Maggie about her double life (just got a few of the comic issues on my laptop so...)