Wednesday, June 27, 2012

SPOILERS: Batman Incorporated #2

Ra's al Ghul at Live Aid, hitting on the ladies! Oh, Grant Morrison... only you, only you. Anyways, it's true, Ra's is spitting game, to Talia's soon to be mother, about how the artists are full of shit, and it's the poor who are pawned off to help the needy, so on and so on... Nine months later, Talia comes popping out, and like Simba in the Lion King, Ra's promises her the world.

In the present, Talia makes her way into her father's lair. Ra's congratulates her on getting the drop on the Detective. But! Ra's forbids his daughter from starting a war with the Batman, proclaiming he always done what is right for her.

We see snippets of Talia's childhood. Training, learning of the Lazarus pits, academics, and being bought everything in the world she ever wanted. In the present, Ra's asks her if he did not provide her with everything she needed, but Talia corrects him, saying she needed a mother.

Years ago, a young Talia would see an old fortune teller, who foretold Talia her destiny through the stars, pointing to the Demon star, aka the Eye of the Gorgon, Algol. This star, being named after Medusa, is special, it's a binary star, which means it's actually two stars, orbiting around the same center mass. The father, daughter and Medusa, the fortune teller says, warning Talia not to let her father cast her aside, like she had experienced. Talia demands to know what she's talking about, claiming the fortune teller knows nothing of her. But the lady tells Talia that she was the one who birthed her, and that she begged to stay with Ra's via the Lazarus pit, but was denied that request. Ra's guard Ubu comes in, asking if the woman had hurt Talia,

Sometime later, Ra's and Talia's relationship would begin to strain, as Ra's father, Sensei began war with his son. Some years later, Dr. Darrk, who lead a splinter cell of the League of Assassins, attempts a kidnapping of Talia, to hold her ransom against her father. Talia, who remains unthreatened, claiming to not be in her father's best graces at the moment. This would be the first time Talia was ever rescued by Batman, so beginning a long story, that has been told many a times, ending with some hooking up, and some baby mama drama, with the conception of Damian, and stopping at the final scene of Batman and Son. As a little added note, Talia also planted General Malenkov into the Black Glove as a mole, so that's cool.

Back to the present, Damian explains the game she's playing with Batman, even admitting to knowledge that her son isn't dead, but he's merely just a pawn. Dawning her Leviathan mask, she tells her father that his men are loyal to her, as they point their weapons towards Ra's. Talia explains she has a "monster at my command, grown in the belly of a whale and stealthy as Batman himself" as The Fatherless swoops in, bashing the two Ubu's skulls in together.

As Talia begins to leave, condemning her father to "house arrest," Ra's admits defeat, telling her for once "I think I may just be afraid for our Detective."


So, with the preview, you sort of expected an origin type issue, which is fine, but to have an issue like this so early in the game, it really felt kind of odd... Given the ending of #1, that's what I really want to see what the fuck is happening with, being that it was so crazy... this almost felt as if it should have been the #0 issue instead... Regardless, what we did get was pretty awesome. I was wondering how Ra's may factor into this story, judging by the fact Morrison has admitted he's not a huge fan of Ra's, and we got that answer, he doesn't. This is because, Talia is a bad ass, and the new shit, Ra's is the old shit, haha. Chris Burnham's art is perfect, as always, showing a wide amount of variety in his characters and the emotions on their face, while planting small little details throughout. At the end of the day, the only bad thing I can say, is the far that it felt like an intermission, and din't necessarily push the momentum forward to a great extent.



  1. This was good, it explained Damian and that the Black Glove is still canon (so Bats' disappearance? Quoi!?!?!). I'm sure Collin Colsher is a bit pissed his 8 year timeline didn't work and that Darrk still exists and now he has a bit more work to do, but that'll end up nicely.

  2. i think that the one hidden in the mask is bane..dunno why ..just a feeling..